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Young boy puts pre-historic passion on pages.

A student in Dubai who is an expert on everything to do with dinosaurs and the pre-historic world, has had his first book published at the age of just seven.

Pritvik Sinhadc's fascination with the extinct beasts began at just nine months old and his unusual interest in them left his parents wondering if he was autistic.

They hoped it was a passing phase and tried not to take his dinosaur passion seriously.

However, before he was a year old, he started asking questions about the origin of species and where life on earth began, forcing his parents to relent and get him books on palaeontology.

At just three years old, Pritvik went to Dubai British School and started enlightening his teachers and fellow students about pre-historic creatures.

At five, his teacher was surprised by his knowledge of the bio-mechanics of all land, water and flying creatures in the prehistoric eras and realised he was gifted.

Pritvik, who has recently become the Young Science Ambassador for the British Science Association, told 7DAYS yesterday: "I am very excited. It took me at least a year to write the book."

Not surprisingly he wants to be a scientist when he grows up and added: "I want to be a finder of dinosaurs."

Pritvik's book 'When DinosA[degrees]aurs Roamed The Earth' will be on sale from June.

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:May 29, 2012
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