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Young artist.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I love painting and using different mediums, but my favorite is pencil. With the use of a pencil comes freedom--you can erase and fix your mistakes.

My favorite thing to draw is animals, especially horses. I know I want to be an artist, plus I like to draw goofy pictures. When it comes to my art, I always think my drawings and paintings have to be perfect. However, I have come to realize that when I do my best I should be satisfied, and I am.

In a recent art show presented by my school, I sold two of my pictures. One of the pictures was a river scene at sunset done in oil pastels, while the other was a photogram of two horses with chicken wire laid on top, which was purchased by the Texas Rice Festival office.

My family pets have stood as models for portrait drawings. Cartoon characters are some of many things I like to draw. Sometimes they turn out really great. I love art; it just calms me down when I'm really mad. Art is an important part of my life and it's hard to understand how people can hate drawing. My future plans are to go to college and make a career out of art.

Shaina La Fleur, grade 7 East Chambers Intermediate School Winnie, Texas

Lori Dudley, Art Teacher
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Author:La Fleur, Shaina
Publication:Arts & Activities
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Date:May 1, 2005
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