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Young artist.

Art is me! I tend to be observant and creative. During art class, my mind runs wild. I can barely choose a topic to focus on.

I often experiment with different types of art, but I mostly like portraiture. Sometimes I draw portraits of my brothers, sister or cousins. My favorite drawing media are pencils and Sharpie[R] markers. I also enjoy sketching nature and working outdoors.

My overall favorite activity in art class is making clay sculptures. Clay is fantastic because you don't need an eraser to correct mistakes. I also like making pottery.

I love art and art loves me! No one and nothing can ever change that.

Alyssa Vilela, grade 6

Livingston Manor Central School

Livingston Manor, New York

Valerie Taggart, Art Teacher


"Kandinsky-Inspired Abstraction." Black glue and watercolor; grade 6.


"Painted Rocks." Acrylic; grade 6.


"Scroll." Watercolor and marker; grade 6.



"Winter Birch Trees." Pastel and tempera; grade 6.


"Clay Caricature." Ceramics; grade 5.


"Andy Warhol-Inspired Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Inspired by the Inauguration of President Obama)." Gel markers and construction paper; grade 6.


"Trout." Oil-crayon resist; grade 3.
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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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