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Clinical profiles and outcomes of acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in young adults in a tertiary care center in Saudi Arabia. Sakr, Haitham; Azazy, Ahmed S.; Hillani, Ali; Ebada, Mohamed; Alharbi, Abdulrahman; Alshalash, Saleh Report Nov 1, 2021 5031
Me talk pretty one day. Oct 29, 2021 984
Changes in Digital Media Use and Physical Activity in German Young Adults under the Covid-19 Pandemic - A Cross-Sectional Study. Helbach, Jasmin; Stahlmann, Katharina Report Oct 27, 2021 9661
Frequency of low back pain in young adults and its relationship with different mattresses. Ul Muazzam, Mudassar Rooh; Abbas, Salma; Abbas, Sidra; Rafi, Muhammad Rafi Report Sep 15, 2021 2244
New research identifies cancer types with little survival improvements in adolescents and young adults. Sep 1, 2021 400
Thriving in adversity: Do brief milieu interventions work for young adults in the developing world? A pragmatic randomized controlled trial. Pearson, David; Kennedy, Fiona Clare; Bhat, Suchetha; Talreja, Vishal; Newman-Taylor, Katherine Report Sep 1, 2021 3677
Level of cardiovascular fitness and it's relationship with physical activity and body mass index in young adults of Islamabad. Khatoon, Zainab; Afridi, Muhammad Afzaal; Taqdees-e-Maryam; Gull, Afifa; Farheen, Hania Report Aug 23, 2021 2706
Maybe we just haven't failed enough: Why the church needs laboratories for young adult ministry. DeVries, Mark Aug 2, 2021 2329
Cannabis use tied to risk of suicidal thoughts, actions. Brooks, Megan Aug 1, 2021 767
Augmentation Index Predicts the Sweat Volume in Young Runners. Liu, Yen-Yu; Hung, Chung-Lieh; Sun, Fang-Ju; Huang, Po-Han; Cheng, Yu-Fan; Yeh, Hung-I Report Jul 23, 2021 6076
The frequency of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in non-obese young medical professionals. Aziz, Bilal; Nazar, Tazeen; Irfan, Muhammad Report Jul 6, 2021 2610
Reemergence of Scabies Driven by Adolescents and Young Adults, Germany, 2009-2018. Reichert, Felix; Schulz, Maike; Mertens, Elke; Lachmann, Raskit; Aebischer, Anton Report Jun 1, 2021 2052
Police contact tied to elevated anxiety in young Black adults. Anderson, Pauline Jun 1, 2021 983
Unilateral Quadriceps Fatigue Induces Greater Impairments of Ipsilateral versus Contralateral Elbow Flexors and Plantar Flexors Performance in Physically Active Young Adults. Whitten, Joseph H.D.; Hodgson, Daniel D.; Drinkwater, Eric J.; Prieske, Olaf; Aboodarda, Saied Jalal Report Jun 1, 2021 8397
Lack of Evidence for Non-Local Muscle Fatigue and Performance Enhancement in Young Adults. Power, Gerard M.J.; Colwell, Emily; Saeterbakken, Atle Hole; Drinkwater, Eric J.; Behm, David G. Report Jun 1, 2021 6907
Emergency Medical Care Utilization, Romantic Attachment, and Psychological Distress in Pregnant Adolescent and Young Adult Couples. Cornelius, Talea; Desrosiers, Alethea; Kershaw, Trace Report Jun 1, 2021 5068
Perceived Healthiness of Sweeteners among Young Adults in Canada. Goodman, Samantha; Vanderlee, Lana; Jones, Amanda; White, Christine; Hammond, David Report Jun 1, 2021 3449
Development and validation of prognostic nomogram for lung cancer patients below the age of 45 years. Dai, Lili; Wang, Wei; Liu, Qi; Xia, Tongjia; Wang, Qikui; Chen, Qingqing; Zhu, Ning; Cheng, Yu; Yan, Report Jun 1, 2021 5714
Assessment of liver disease by non-invasive methods in perinatally infected Brazilian adolescents and young adults living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Gouvea, Aida de Fdtima Thome Barbosa; Filho, Roberto Carvalho; Machado, Daisy Maria; Carmo, Fabiana Report May 1, 2021 4171
Pattern of cancers in adolescent and young adults. A 15-year retrospective study at King Fahad Hospital, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia. Albasri, Abdulkader M.; Ansari, Irfan A. Report Apr 1, 2021 3424
GLOBAL VIEW: New survey on mental health impact of COVID-19 says young adults at risk. Yasgur, Batya Swift Apr 1, 2021 1186
The Relationship Between Preferred Sleep Position and Heart Rate, Arterial Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate and Peripheral Oxygen Saturation. Soylu, Ilke; Meral, Ismail Report Apr 1, 2021 310
Senators hail 'pandemic batch' of TOYM awardees. Mar 9, 2021 568
Association between handgrip strength and maximum expiratory flow with site-specific bone mineral density of healthy young adults. Tahir, Rimsha; Rauf, Faateh Ahmad; Ismail, Shafaq; Khan, Huma Saeed; Hasan, Shahid Report Jan 21, 2021 3639
SEX DIFFERENCES IN CARDIOVASCULAR RISK FACTORS AND RENAL FUNCTION AMONG YOUNG ADULTS AFTER INTRAUTERINE GROWTH RESTRICTION. Tarnovski, Lorka; Brinar, Ivana Vukovic; Kirhmajer, Majda Vrkic; Vrkic, Tajana Zeljkovic; Laganovic, Report Jan 1, 2021 4834
Psychosocial Factors of Non-suicidal Self-Injury Among Adolescents and Young Adults. Khan, Soulat; Kausar, Rukhsana Report Dec 22, 2020 6341
Gratitude and Forgiveness as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being Among Young Adults in Pakistan. Hermaen, Hudaa; Bhutto, Zainab Hussain Report Dec 22, 2020 4909
Comparison of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Outcomes in the Elderly and Young Population/Yasli ve Genc Populasyon Arasinda Perkutan Nefrolitotomi Sonuclarinin Karsilastirilmasi. Onen, Efe; Caglayan, Volkan Report Dec 1, 2020 5280
Postschool outcomes for Korean American young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and parental perceptions of transition planning. Kim, Kyeong-Hwa; Morningstar, Mary E. Dec 1, 2020 6248
"The 2020 election is the most important of your lives": The Nov. 3 election will determine our next president. Teens across the country share why this election matters more than ever--and how *you* can still get involved. Hammer, Katherine Oct 1, 2020 1318
Psychosocial risk factors of cardiovascular disease in Pakistani adolescents and young adults: A Systematic Review. Saleem, Muhammad; Durrani, Areeha Khan; Adeeb, Muhammad; Siddique, Ali Raza Report Sep 30, 2020 2641
Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Nearly 3 in 10 Young People Are 'Disconnected'. Fry, Richard; Barroso, Amanda Aug 6, 2020 511
External Validity of the Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory--Short Form (ADSI-S) with an Older Adolescent Population. Corrigan, Matthew J. Report Aug 1, 2020 2190
Impact of Anger on Suicidal Ideation: Mediating Role of Perceived Emotional Distress in Late Adolescents and Emerging Adults with Psychological Problems. Khan, Soulat; Mubashar, Tahira; Akhtar, Tanvir; Butt, Tayyab Ali Report Jun 22, 2020 6076
Awareness of sexually transmitted diseases among young adults of Karachi; a cross-sectional study. Aijaz, Saher; Mehraj, Jaishri Report Jun 16, 2020 4414
Mental disorders among young war affected adults in post-war communities in The Republic of South Sudan: Case study Greater Bahr E1 Ghazal State. Akol, Amuk Albino Akol Case study Jun 1, 2020 3592
Knowledge and awareness regarding spread and prevention of COVID-19 among the young adults of Karachi. Mubeen, Syed Muhammad; Kamal, Shareera; Kamal, Sufiyan; Balkhi, Fizra Report May 31, 2020 4261
Fall risk and balance outcomes in healthy young adults: A call for research. Osama, Muhammad; Waseem, Mahnoor; Imran, Hira Report Apr 30, 2020 1159
Supporting outcomes for young people through the Green Talent Programme. Bygrave, Kate Sep 22, 2019 748
Low Vitamin D Levels, Shorter Life? Sep 20, 2019 755
Flavored E-Cigarettes May Make Asthma Worse. Sep 20, 2019 423
Cancers Up in Young Adults. Sep 1, 2019 124
Young Adults Moving Away From LGBTQ Tolerance. Jul 22, 2019 340
Young Professionals: You're Not a Seasoned Industry Vet Yet, and That's Pretty Great. Nebel, Lynzie Jul 1, 2019 814
Young progressive Catholics do care about the church. Manson, Jamie L. Jun 28, 2019 1263
Parental Rejection, Depression, and Internet Addiction Among Young Adults. Sultana, Momtaz; Uddin, Muhammad Kamal Report Jun 22, 2019 4488
PASS THE JOINT, NOT THE BOTTLE. Brief article May 1, 2019 211
Francis' youth exhortation says church must change but is not specific. McElwee, Joshua J. Apr 19, 2019 1177
Genc Bireylerde Muzik Maruziyeti Sonrasi Olivokoklear Efferent Sistem Aktivasyonunun Degerlendirilmesi/Evaluation of the Olivocochlear Efferent System Activation After Exposure to Music in Young Individuals. Bulut, Erdogan; Nurcin, Elcin; Yilmaz, Sule; Guven, Selis Gulseven; Tas, Memduha Report Apr 1, 2019 5156
Personality, Romantic Attitude, and Happiness in Young Adults. Saghir, Sana; Amjad, Naumana; Saeed, Amir; Batool, Saira Report Mar 22, 2019 4913
MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER. Rosenberg, Tom Mar 1, 2019 758
UR Strong, iGen. Thurber, Christopher Mar 1, 2019 2057
5-Vear Impact Study Phase 2 Findings

Responsibility and Independence.

Browne, Laurie; Warner, Rob Mar 1, 2019 3069
Toward an Understanding of Psychological Home and Clutter with Emerging Adults: Relationships over Relics. Crum, Kendall P.; Ferrari, Joseph R. Report Mar 1, 2019 3731
Evaluation of Cerebral Blood Flow Alterations and Acute Neuronal Damage due to Water-Pipe Smoking. Karakayali, Onur; Utku, Uygar; Yilmaz, Serkan Report Mar 1, 2019 4910
Young Adults Toking at Unprecedented Rate. Brief article Feb 1, 2019 302
Effect of sleep deprivation on heart rate recovery after treadmill testing in otherwise healthy young adults. Goyal, Gurdev Lal; Sharma, Ruby; Joshi, Sandeep; Bhardwaj, Abhinav Report Jan 1, 2019 2834
Impact of Social Networking Sites on Personality and Attitude of Young Adults (Research covering the young adults' lives within Korangi, Karachi). Saeed, Soobia; Shaikh, Asaduallah; Memon, Muhammad Ali Report Dec 31, 2018 6537
Thinking Styles and Belief in Superstitions: Moderating Role of Gender in Young Adults. Maqsood, Aisha; Jamil, Farhat; Khalid, Ruhi Report Dec 22, 2018 4324
The Relationship of Gender Role Attitudes With Career Aspirations and Career Choices Among Young Adults. Nadeem, Fatima; Khalid, Ruhi Report Dec 22, 2018 6006
What is the future for diabetic eye disease? This article highlights the growing incidence of young people with type 2 diabetes and outlines the impact this can have on eye health and management. Brown, James Dec 1, 2018 2370
Meningitis and Teens: What You Need to Know. Friedland, Leonard Sep 1, 2018 588
Mobile phone dependence and psychological well-being among young adults. Munderia, Rageshwari; Singh, Rajbala Sep 1, 2018 4455
Snapshot: About One in Four Young Adults Use Marijuana. McCarthy, Justin Survey Aug 15, 2018 309
Financial Knowledge for Recent Graduates. Kess, Sidney; Grimaldi, James R.; Revels, James A.J. Column Aug 1, 2018 1518
Relations between Religiosity, BMI, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Young Adults: A Model Comparison Study. Limbers, Christine A.; Teasdale, Ashley; Beaujean, A. Alexander Report Jun 22, 2018 5396
Distinguishing synovial sarcoma from benign and malignant mimics: MR Imaging indicators. Weissberg, Zoe; Sebro, Ronnie Report Jun 1, 2018 4572
Young adult ministry leaders discuss 'unique moment'. Sankowski, Kelly Jun 1, 2018 808
Frequency domain analysis of heart rate variability in young obese adults with parental history of hypertension during isotonic exercise: A comparative study. Sreenivas, Sudha B.; Rajalakshmi, R.; Vijaya Vageesh, Y. Report Jun 1, 2018 3214
Initiation of Sexual Behaviour and Early Childbearing: Poverty and the Gendered Nature of Responsibility Amongst Young People in South Africa. Makiwane, Monde; Gumede, Ntombizonke A.; Molobela, Lien Report May 15, 2018 8128
Global Warming Age Gap: Younger Americans Most Worried. Reinhart, RJ May 11, 2018 408
Americans More Optimistic About Future of Next Generation. Brenan, Megan Survey Apr 3, 2018 504
Comparison of Brief Measures of the Prevalence of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in a Nonclinical Sample of Young Adults. Morales, Jessica J.; Buser, Trevor J.; Farag, Mena S. Report Apr 1, 2018 6676
Economic News Briefing. Apr 1, 2018 1077
Does the duration of mobile phone usage affect the human auditory system? A middle latency auditory-evoked potential study in young adults. J., Anu Priya; M., Arun Kumar; M.S., Roopakala Report Apr 1, 2018 3409
I Know, but I Would Rather Be Beautiful: The Impact of Self-Esteem, Narcissism, and Knowledge on Addictive Tanning Behavior in Millennial. Watson, Amy; Zank, Gail; Turri, Anna M. Report Mar 22, 2018 7425
"Maturing Out" of Binge and Problem Drinking. Lee, Matthew R.; Sher, Kenneth J. Report Mar 22, 2018 6922
Closed circles of mistrust: envy, aspirations and urban sociality in coastal Madagascar. Desplat, Patrick Report Mar 1, 2018 12634
Older Adolescent with Cystic Fibrosis: Transitioning to Adult Care. Smith, Tedra S.; Debiasi, Laura B.; Nichols, Lynn Stover; Ladores, Sigrid Clinical report Mar 1, 2018 1377
What Do You Suspect? Report Mar 1, 2018 1265
B-vitamin intake in younger adulthood and association with middle-age cognitive function. Tester, Jodie Abstract Mar 1, 2018 653
Young Adult Diversion: Lighting the Path. Olson, Carolyn Jan 1, 2018 1032
Prevalence of Bleeding Symptoms among Adolescents and Young Adults in the Capital City of Saudi Arabia. Owaidah, Tarek; Saleh, Mahasen; Alzahrani, Hazzah; Abu-Riash, Mahmood; Zahrani, Ali Al; Almadani, Mo Report Jan 1, 2018 5994
Acute effects of yoga on ocular perfusion pressure in adult yoga practitioners. Vinitha, K R; Sreenivas, Sudha B; Kulkarni, Praveen Report Jan 1, 2018 1421
Translation and Validation of Multidimensional Body Self-Relation Questionnaire-Appearance Scale for Young Adults. Naqvi, Irum; Kamal, Anila Report Dec 22, 2017 7277
Digital Piracy, Digital Practices: Changing Discourse on Young People and Downloading in Canadian Newspapers. Osborne, Heather Report Dec 22, 2017 10658
SELF-EFFICACY OF YOUNG ADULTS ACROSS STAGES OF WATERPIPE CESSATION--A MODEL- BASED CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY. Latifi, Arman; Mohammadi, Samira; Barkhordari, Abdullah; Khezeli, Mehdi; Khezeli, Mohsen; Salmani, B Report Dec 4, 2017 3785
Significant Others' Weight-Related Comments and Their Associations With Weight-Control Behavior, Muscle-Enhancing Behavior, and Emotional Well-Being. Eisenberg, Maria E.; Berge, Jerica M.; Loth, Katie A.; Franz, Rachel; Neumark-Sztainer, Dianne Report Dec 1, 2017 7756
A study of the prevalence of overweight, obesity, and their associations with socioeconomic status among young men residing in a rural area, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, India. Selvaraj, Pradeep; Irulankudi, Selvaraj; Selvaraj, Preethi Report Dec 1, 2017 2419
Reference Intervals of Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number in Peripheral Blood for Chinese Minors and Adults. Xia, Chang-Yu; Liu, Yu; Yang, Hui-Rong; Yang, Hong-Yun; Liu, Jing-Xia; Ma, Yi-Nan; Qi, Yu Report Oct 20, 2017 4160
Interventional Bronchoscopic Therapy in Adult Patients with Tracheobronchial Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma. Chen, Hui; Zhang, Jie; Qiu, Xiao-Jian; Wang, Juan; Pei, Ying-Hua; Wang, Yu-Ling Report Oct 20, 2017 3890
Improving Cognitive Performance via High Intensity Interval Aerobic Exercise: A Randomized Controlled Trial. May, Ross W.; Hutchinson, Megan; Seibert, Greg S.; Fincham, Frank; Sanchez-Gonzalez, Marcos A. Report Oct 1, 2017 1983
A Practice-Based Approach to Online Participation: Young People's Participatory Habitus as a Source of Diverse Online Engagement. Mascheroni, Giovanna Author abstract Oct 1, 2017 8900
In U.S., Young Adults Report Spending Less Than in the Past. Kashanchi, Sean; Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 8, 2017 773
Echocardiography study of right ventricular abnormalities in adult patients of sickle cell anaemia. Ahmad, Shakir; Toppo, Archana; Vanna, Sanjay Report Aug 7, 2017 2767
RAIN LIKE grace. Leslie, Hillary Jul 10, 2017 530
The Relationship Between Cognitive Styles and Young Adult Learners' Preferences for Written Corrective Feedback /La relacion entre los estilos cognitivos y las preferencias de retroalimentacion correctiva escrita de los estudiantes. Moslemi, Negar; Dastgoshadeh, Adel Report Jul 1, 2017 6709
The Role of School Counsellors in the National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy: An Illustration/Le role des conseillers et conseilleres scolaires dans le cadre de la Strategie nationale de prevention du suicide chez les jeunes Autochtones : une illustration. Merali, Noorfarah Report Jul 1, 2017 9359
Mechanism and management of all-terrain vehicle related renal trauma in adult and pediatric patients. Hale, Nathan; Modak, Asmita; Hill, Sharon; Deem, Samuel Report Jul 1, 2017 2391
State-Trait Resilience and Mental Health Outcomes among Adults: Comparative Study of Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Report Jun 30, 2017 3193
How to Engage "Democratic Natives"? Political Sophistication as Important Determinant of Civic Activity of Young Citizens in New Democracies (the Case of Poland). Marzecki, Radoslaw Essay Jun 22, 2017 11079
The role of alcohol consumption and romantic attachment insecurity as risk factors for disrupted sleep and emotion regulation among underage and young adult drinkers. Arsiwalla, Dilbur D. Report Jun 1, 2017 9430
Helping a new generation find its voice. Ludt, RoseMary Editorial Jun 1, 2017 925
A Transitional Cell Tumor of the Bladder in a Young Adult: A case Report and Review of the Literature / Genc Bir Yetiskinde Gorulen Degisici Epitel Hucreli Mesane Tumoru: Olgu Sunumu ve Literaturun Gozden Gecirilmesi. Kocan, Huseyin; Yildirim, Siir; Ozdemir, Enver; Yazici, Mehmet; Erdogan, Erhan; Su, Fuat Ernis; Uhri Case study Jun 1, 2017 1422
Risk factors of bloating and its association with common gasdtrointestinal disorders in a sample of Iranian adults. Keshteli, Ammar Hassanzadeh; Daneshpajouhnejad, Parnaz; Adibi, Peyman Report May 1, 2017 9511
Employed job search among young workers: Do women still search differently than men in the internet age? Yankow, Jeffrey J. Report May 1, 2017 7557
US Adults Say Medicine, Tech Are Top Career Options. McCarthy, Justin Survey Apr 11, 2017 802
Functional Movement Screen Score by Somatotype Category. Kelch, Amanda J.; Gulgin, Heather R. Report Mar 22, 2017 4469
The cost of access: racial disparities in student loan burdens of young adults. Kim, Jinhee; Chatterjee, Swarn; Young, J.; Moon, U.J. Report Mar 1, 2017 7474
Positive behavior supports for a young adult with CHARGE syndrome. Nannemann, Allison C.; Bruce, Susan M.; Covelli, Andrea Report Mar 1, 2017 2589
Foramen mentalenin pozisyonu, varyasyonu ve asimetrisi: Morfolojik calisma/Position, variation, and asymmetry of the mental foramen: A Morphological study. Sindel, Alper; Ogut, Eren; Kastan, Ozlem Zumre; Sindel, Muzaffer Report Mar 1, 2017 3189
Using the job mobility of young workers to assess the U.S. labor market. Parkinson, Cody Feb 1, 2017 673
FIVE obstacles TO OVERCOME IN REACHING YOUNG ADULTS. Ehrich, Tom Jan 23, 2017 508
Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression Secondary to Liver Cancer. Massi, Daniel Gams; Nyassinde, Japhari; Diagne, Ngor Side; Abdennaji, Ramy; Toure, Kamadore; Ndiaye, Case study Jan 1, 2017 1288
Corticospinal Plasticity in Bilateral Primary Motor Cortices Induced by Paired Associative Stimulation to the Dominant Hemisphere Does Not Differ between Young and Older Adults. Dickins, Daina S.E.; Kamke, Marc R.; Sale, Martin V. Report Jan 1, 2017 10130
The Role of Race and Gender in Nutrition Habits and Self-Efficacy: Results from the Young Adult Weight Loss Study. Stephens, Janna D.; Althouse, Andrew; Tan, Alai; Melnyk, Bernadette Mazurek Report Jan 1, 2017 3861
Objective Estimates of Physical Activity and Sedentary Time among Young Adults. Unick, Jessica L.; Lang, Wei; Tate, Deborah F.; Bond, Dale S.; Espeland, Mark A.; Wing, Rena R. Report Jan 1, 2017 7704
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Asthma, Rhinitis, and Eczema and Their Multimorbidity among Young Adults in Kuwait: A Cross-Sectional Study. Ziyab, Ali H. Report Jan 1, 2017 8785
Reductions in Resting Blood Pressure in Young Adults When Isometric Exercise Is Performed Whilst Walking. Baross, Anthony W.; Hodgson, David A.; Padfield, Sarah L.; Swaine, Ian L. Report Jan 1, 2017 5173
Trends in smoking initiation in Canada: does non-inclusion of young adults in tobacco control strategies represent a missed opportunity? Gagne, Thierry; Veenstra, Gerry Report Jan 1, 2017 5815
"Testing is healthy" TimePlay campaign: evaluation of sexual health promotion gamification intervention targeting young adults. Zhang, Qinya; Huhn, Kim J.; Tan, Andy; Douglas, Rachel E.; Li, Helen Guiyun; Murti, Michelle; Lee, V Report Jan 1, 2017 4341
Intussusception in adults: is there a lead point? Garza, Lorena; Nguyen, Nhan; Nguyen, Jeremy; Hanemann, Cynthia Case study Jan 1, 2017 865
Eriskinde Epstein-Barr virus enfeksiyonunun seroprevalansi ve risk faktorleri/Seroprevalence and risk factors for Epstein-Barr virus infection in adults. Altintas, Jale; Erol, Serpil; Engin, Derya Ozturk; Ozyurek, Seyfi; Senbayrak, Seniha; Inan, Asuman; Report Jan 1, 2017 3171
Relationship between Parenting Styles and Self Compassion in Young Adults. Ahmed, Nimrah; Bhutto, Zainab Hussain Report Dec 22, 2016 3470
YAV program adds Albuquerque site. Jones, Rick Dec 19, 2016 173
Preferences of young adults regarding dissemination of online vitamin D information. Goodman, Samantha Erin; Sheeshka, Judy Dec 1, 2016 4830
Sexual coercion and violence among young women in Nigeria: A northern and southern comparison. Aduayi, Victor A.; Aduayi, Olufunso S.; Olasode, Olayinka A. Report Dec 1, 2016 3561
"Narratives of flight": accounts of precarious employment relations and emigration from Greece. A critical discursive social psychological perspective. Kesisoglou, Georgios; Figgou, Lia; Dikaiou, Maria Report Oct 1, 2016 7553
Influence of early parental loss on the psychological functioning and sense of identity among young adults in Meru County, Kenya. Kaberia, Angela Kanini Report Sep 1, 2016 5845
Sleep, cognition, and normal aging: integrating a half century of multidisciplinary research. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 152
Changes evident in one cohort. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 177
Wolff-Parkinson white syndrome and rheumatic mitral stenosis--presenting as supraventricular tachycardia: a rare presentation. Manickam, K.; Sethumadhavan, Ragothaman; Singaram, Murugarajan Case study Jul 18, 2016 840
Use of multimedia or mobile devices by adolescents for health promotion and disease prevention: a literature review. Geckle, Joan Jul 1, 2016 3856
Digital makings of the cosmopolitan city? Young people's urban imaginaries of London. Leurs, Koen; Georgiou, Myria Report Jul 1, 2016 9067
Youth To Foot Bill For Baby Boomer Budget Incompetency. Brief article Jul 1, 2016 268
Do minimum legal tobacco purchase age laws work? Yoruk, Ceren Ertan; Yoruk, Bars K. Report Jul 1, 2016 11333
Motives of Problematic and Nonproblematic Online Gaming among Adolescents and Young Adults. Khan, Anowra; Muqtadir, Rabia Jun 22, 2016 6659
Engaging young adolescents with reading. Woodford, Helen Jun 1, 2016 5178
Urgent need to test blood of younger people. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 164
Dietary intake among grade 7 students from Southwestern Ontario attempting to gain weight. Woodruff, Sarah J.; Harrop, Bradley J.; Campbell, Katherine; Campbell, Ty; Cole, Mary Report Jun 1, 2016 2643
A study of obesity as a sole cause of dyslipidaemia in young adults in a rural setup. Kaloti, Amandeep Singh; Chhabra, Anoop; Chandrasekaran, E. Report May 16, 2016 2374
YOUNG ADULTS FINDING JESUS: The ministry of International Friendship House. Yorioka, Polly Apr 25, 2016 2025
Sanders, the Oldest Candidate, Looks Best to Young Americans. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 8, 2016 1094
Cardio kid. Hawkins, B. Denise Jan 28, 2016 770
Bullying experiences among sexual minority youths in England: the nature, prevalence and association with life satisfaction. Henderson, Morag Report Jan 1, 2016 8388
Intracranial Capillary Hemangioma in the Posterior Fossa of an Adult Male. Nepute, Jordan; Lai, Jinping; Zhou, Yihua Case study Jan 1, 2016 1374
Young professionals and business negociation. Constantin, Cornelia-Georgiana; Ionila, Dorotheea-Iulia; Serban, Ciprian-Alexandru Report Dec 22, 2015 5044
In U.S., Young Adults' Cigarette Use Is Down Sharply. Nekvasil, Nader; Liu, Diana Survey Dec 10, 2015 1474
Surveying young people in Egypt before and after the revolution. Dec 1, 2015 1338
Choosing the danger we think we know: men and women's faulty perceptions of sexually transmitted infection risk with familiar and unfamiliar new partners. Sparling, Shayna; Cramer, Ken Report Dec 1, 2015 4809
PVTC enhances technical training goals. Brief article Nov 8, 2015 205
What I want you to know. Jill Editorial Oct 12, 2015 700
The blessing of vocation: Letter to a young adult. Kim-Kort, Mihee Oct 12, 2015 530
Addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people in Ethiopia: an analysis of the current situation. Muntean, Nigina; Kereta, Worknesh; Mitchell, Kirstin R. Report Sep 1, 2015 8323
Understanding the adolescent experience in Tanzania. Sep 1, 2015 1287
The relationship of young adults' health and their sports participation. Shores, Kindal; Becker, Craig M.; Williams, Ryan Moynahan Richard; Cooper, Nelson Report Sep 1, 2015 4350
HIV in young adults: an exploration of knowledge and risk. Sabato, Todd Report Sep 1, 2015 6141
Physical activity patterns associated with lifestyle, diet, and body mass index in a sample of young adults/Genc yetiskin ornekieminde yasam tarzi, diyet ve vucut kitle indeksi ile iliskili fiziksel aktivite paternleri. Alghadir, Ahmad H.; Gabr, Sami A. Report Sep 1, 2015 9395
Recurrent suicidal ideation in young adults. Dugas, Erika N.; Low, Nancy C.; O'Loughlin, Erin K.; O'Loughlin, Jennifer L. Report Jul 1, 2015 4179
Old or young, there's no telling how they'll respond. Hrywna, Mark Jul 1, 2015 1697
Lost in translation: transition of care and population health. Joshi, Divya-Devi Jul 1, 2015 1620
Investigating the disconnect between financial knowledge and behavior: the role of parental influence and psychological characteristics in responsible financial behaviors among young adults. Tang, Ning; Baker, Andrew; Peter, Paula C. Report Jun 22, 2015 11370
Assembling interrelations between low socioeconomic status and acute alcohol-related harms among young adult drinkers. Hart, Aaron Jun 22, 2015 12041
Understanding the relationship of identity status, agency, and religiosity on the acceptance and use of pornography in Christian, undergraduate emerging adults. Rhea, Rob; Issler, Klaus Report Jun 22, 2015 8928
Notes from the field. Jun 22, 2015 319
Willingness to be flexible strengthens young adult ministry. Salgado, Soli Jun 5, 2015 1304
Drawing plausible inferences about the impact of state dependent coverage expansions. Monheit, Alan C.; Cantor, Joel C.; DeLia, Derek Jun 1, 2015 2017
Emergency contraceptive use in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: challenging common assumptions about young people's contraceptive practices. Both, Rosalijn Report May 1, 2015 6795
Thermal exposure influences food intake in a sedentary office setting. Richardson, Molly C. Bernhard; Allison, David B.; Li, Peng; Gohlke, Julia M. Report Apr 1, 2015 294
Rural youth rate double that of cities. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 296
Les comites syndicaux jeunes: acteurs du changement institutionnel ou voie de contournement? Laroche, Melanie; Dufour-Poirier, Melanie Mar 22, 2015 8726
Transitions from pediatric to adult care: programs and resources. Schlucter, Juliette; Dokken, Deborah; Ahmann, Elizabeth Report Mar 1, 2015 2297
WAIS-IV coding performance of young adults: transcription patterns and incidental learning procedures. Ryan, Joseph J.; Sumerall, Scott W.; Seeley, Jennifer S.; Umfleet, Laura Glass; Kreiner, David; Brow Report Mar 1, 2015 6045
Orientation and Mobility Skills and Outcome Expectations as Predictors of Employment for Young Adults with Visual Impairments. Cmar, Jennifer L. Report Mar 1, 2015 5066
Kids on media: Nielsen data show how kids consume content on TV and across platforms, and how that shifts over time. Brief article Feb 23, 2015 269
Not hiring: young adults struggle to find work in Rural Utah. Francom, Sarah Ryther Jan 1, 2015 1433
Implementing health reform in an era of semi-cooperative federalism: lessons from the age 26 expansion. Rosenbaum, Sara; Blum, Alexander B.; Giordano, Amanda; Park, M. Jane; Brindis, Claire D. Jan 1, 2015 16692
Contemporary Chinese American language maintenance: perspectives of youth and young adults in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Wu, Ming-Hsuan; Leung, Genevieve Report Jan 1, 2015 4945
Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile among Young Professionals. Dejarme, Emma M. Report Jan 1, 2015 5789
Celebrating Memory and Belonging: Young Russian Israelis Claim their Unique Place in Tel-Aviv's Urban Space [1]. Prashizky, Anna; Remennick, Larissa Report Jan 1, 2015 12634
Ethnic Awakening among Russian Israelis of the 1.5 Generation: Physical and Symbolic Dimensions of Their Belonging and Protest. Prashizky, Anna; Remennick, Larissa Report Jan 1, 2015 10555
Cultural Capital in Migration: Fishka Association of Young Russian-Speaking Adults in Tel-Aviv, Israel [1]. Prashizky, Anna; Remennick, Larissa Report Jan 1, 2015 8607
Weddings in the Town Square: Young Russian Israelis Protest the Religious Control of Marriage in Tel-Aviv [1]. Prashizky, Anna; Remennick, Larissa Report Jan 1, 2015 10562
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