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Young, energetic, ambitious: little feats for the Darcyl Brothers.

Sebastian and Tomas Darcyl's father must be proud. Whiland Co. S.A., the Latin American television distribution the elder Darcyl founded 30 years ago, has grown 1500 per cent in the last three years under Tomas and Sebastian's co-directorship.

"We are the only distributor in Latin America that has acquired in the last three years over 500 feature films for all TV rights in all Latin America," said Sebastian Darcyl. "We represent the Carolco library, the Majestic library and recently closed an agreement with 2Ist Century."

"We began slowly, with the acquisition of the Transatlantic Co. library," Tomas added, "but we are young people, energetic, and we-want to be at the top, All our effort has been put into the company; we go to all the markets, and have excelled at providing the right material to the people, and at making our clients happy."

Tomas also attributed their success to the "great structure" of Whiland Co. "In addition to our main ofice, which is located in

Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we have a 35-person support staff, we also have offices in Rio de janeiro, Brazil and Orlando, Florida. We discuss the important issues with everyone in the company. We have excellent salesmen. We are trustworthy, and we trust in the future of our company."

Sebastian and Tomas agree that their next step is to become partners with one of the majors in the U.S. "We have a strong library and contact with all the (Latin American) stations," Tomas

said. "Our deals are Latin American deals. We know the territo-

ries, the contracts."

"The companies we work with know that their product will be rightly represented and distributed in our territories," Sebastian said. "We are also expanding in Argentina, with the production of Sin Verguenza (No Shyness), a game show that is currently being aired by T.V.E. in Spain. We bought the show's format and the computer hardware from the producer. This is the first time that an Argentinian producer has purchased a format for a game show. Usually the formats are copied, and the name of the show is changed. Over 30 shows in Argentina have been produced without respecting the international requirements. We care about doing things in the right way." 9
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Title Annotation:A World of Hispanic TV; Sebastian and Tomas Darcyl
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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