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YouTube and the Hmong qeej.

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by Catherine Falk, PhD

University of Melbourne, Australia


(2) The abstracts are available at, 379128,en.pdf.




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(14) hmong tshirt the qeej dark- 235181844263683845

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(20) I am grateful to William Lee for his generous assistance in providing translations of the YouTube comments written in White Hmong and for these observations about the clips in general. William Lee is the nephew of the Hmong Australian anthropologist, Gary Lee.

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(25) Hmong music produced 5,560,000 results while Hmong popular music gave 19,500,000 results. Kwv txhiaj produced 10,200 YouTube results at 29 June 2013.



(28) Even the Spanish comment for this video ("nunca habia escuchado este instruomento, debo decir que me impreciona mucho como suena ," translated as "I had never heard this instrument [before], I must say that I'm very impressed by its sound") is "rather illiterate, with lots of spelling mistakes." I am grateful to my friend and colleague, Argentinian Australian musicologist Dr Melanie Plesch, for this translation and observation (email 20 June 2013).


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(52) The funeral of General Vang Pao in San Francisco in January 2011 generated 2520 YouTube entries, many of which contain some qeej playing.

(53) I am grateful to an anonymous reviewer for suggesting this area of future enquiry.

Catherine Falk is Professor and Head of Ethnomusicology at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She commenced research with the Hmong community in Melbourne in 1990. She has written about the Hmong funeral ritual and the qeej in Tirra Lirra, British Journal of Ethnomusicology, Journal of Asian Music, Hmong Studies Journal and Asian Folklore Studies. She was Dean of the Faculty of Music at the University of Melbourne 2006-2009.
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