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You turned down Man U and followed your heart to play for the Toon.

When will any team on the planet experience anything like what Geordies have been privileged to watch over the last 10 years? Answer? NEVER! ( G.

THE South Stand should be renamed `the Alan Shearer stand' as a fitting tribute to the legend he is. ( PAM.

WE'LL never see the likes again ( a true legend. ( STEVE Whitley Bay.

HE'S black! He's white! His shooting's dynamite! Shearer! Shearer! ( KERRY HO, Northumberland.

THANKS for so many fantastic memories. All the best in whatever you choose to do in the future. ( GARY, HELEN, LUKE and BETH HOLLIDAY.

THANKS for the memories, Alan ( you truly are the king on Tyneside, and as far as I am concerned you will never leave your throne. ( GLENN, Whickham

YOU may not have won us any silver but you won our hearts, Al. ( McBADGE, Hebburn.

I'M proud to be a Geordie, black and white through and through ( you're man of the match in my book. Alan Shearer I salute you. ( KEV WRIGHTSON, Walker.

THANK you Alan for giving us a gigantic chunk of a superb sporting life, both on and off the pitch. Come back soon! ( MALCOLM DIX, sport newcastle.

HOW do you replace the irreplaceable? Thanks for 10 loyal years, Alan. You have done the Geordie nation proud! ( LISA SPEIGHT, Blakelaw.

THANK you, Alan ( have a great holiday with your family. ( GRAHAM, Gateshead.

SHEARER ( what more can we say other thank you for 10 great years. ( Love JULIE and GEMMA, North Shields.

THANKS for everything you've done at the Toon ( hope you enjoy retirement. Good luck. ( KENNETH.

A TRUE Geordie, and black and white through and through. Thank you for so many marvellous moments. You're a legend. ( MICK BARRETT, Birtley.

KING of the Geordie nation. The Gosforth Lion roars loud and proud. ( ROBERT SHARP, Seaton Sluice.

THANKS for the time at the Toon. ( GEORDIE, Washington.

THANKS for 10 great years ( just sorry we couldn't win a trophy for you. ( TONY RAYMOND, Gateshead.

AL, you are Newcastle and always will be. ( KIM C, Gateshead.

WHAT a hero, a true legend. ( STEPHEN LITTLEMORE, Windy Nook.

You made it, your dream, wearing the No 9 for the Toon.You're the best, Big Al. ( TRACIE ROBERTSON, West Denton.

WE need a world-class No 9 to replace Big Al, but how do you replace the irreplaceable? A true legend. ( THE WIZ, Bill Quay.

THANKS for the goals, the memories and for coming home 10 years ago when you could have gone anywhere! A true Geordie legend. ( SHAWN W, South Shields.

THANK you Alan for the golden years you gave us and the golden memories you have left us. ( LIAM, Birtley.

BY the grace of god you were born a Geordie. Thanks for the memories. ( JOHN SIMPSON

THANKS Big Al for the best 10 years ever in black and white. Respect to you. ( DRUMMOND, Springwell.

NOBODY will fill your boots. Thanks for 10 fab years. ( KERRY, West Denton.

A headline-maker for all the right reasons. Model pro and true LEGEND! Thanks for your loyal service, Al. ( SWISH, Dudley.

THANKS for the good times. There will never be another Alan Shearer ( come back soon. ( PAUL STELL, Wardley.

YOU wore the No 9 with pride ( all the luck for the future. ( LEIGH AMANDA, Chester-le-Street.

AL you are irreplacable, the greatest, most loyal No 9 ever for Newcastle and England. Our local hero always. ( CATH, Washington.

THANKS for 10 brilliant years. You're a true Geordie legend. Good luck for the future. ( CRAIG FAIRMAN, Longbenton.

YOU'RE a true legend. ( TOMA, Ringtons.

SHEARER is the greatest English centre forward of all time ( irreplaceable! Legend in his own right! ( EMMA, Sunniside.

ALAN SHEARER, king of the Geordies, Protector of the Faith. Until the second coming we salute you, sir! ( ROB M, Arthur's Hill.

ALAN SHEARER, the man you can't replace ( a living legend. What are we going to do without him? Good luck for the future. ( ADAM.

SAME old Shearer always scoring. Big Al ( Toon hero. ( GRAEME, Blyth.

HIS loyalty is something money can't buy ( a true Geordie and a legend. Take a bow, Big Al. ( SPK, Low Fell.

PROUD to say I am named after my hero after being born the day you signed, July 29, 19 96. Thanks, Alan. ( BRADLEY ALAN BOTCHERBY (age 9).

BIG Al ( simply the best. The Toon won't be the same. Good luck for the future. Hope one day you'll come back and be manager. ( LINZI and DYLAN and CALLUM FORSTER, Teams.

OUTSIDE the North East, they don't understand what Big Al means to the Toon, but we're proud and privileged to have seen the Shearer era! ( CAROLINE.

ALAN SHEARER, a fantastic Geordie and a fantastic footballer ( the best. Thanks for the memories. ( DEREK BOYD and grandson JACKSON.

A TRUE hero and a true Northumbrian King. Thanks Alan, I'll never see better or an equal. ( ANDY R.

ALAN, you turned down Man U and followed your heart to play for the Toon. You will always have a special place in the Toon Army hearts. ( JACKIE, Scotswood.

WHO else could wear that No 9 shirt with such passion and pride? Thanks for 10 fantastic years. ( SUE, West End.

THERE are no words that can be said, apart from SIMPLY THE BEST! Good luck for the future, Alan. ( ACM, Howdon.

I'LL never forget the second goal against Spurs in the Cup semi-final. Or the hat-trick against Leicester after being behind 3-1. ( TOM McKELVIE, Newcastle.

FOR all I support Sunderland, may I pay my respects to a living legend in the modern game, a fabulous player who will be sadly missed. ( NORMAN.

ALAN SHEARER is the best thing that has come to St James for years. Keep up the good work. ( SEXY TOON BITCH.

ALAN SHEARER well worth his price tag. Would love to see him take on the job at St James' Park. Well done, Al ( our local hero. ( LILLIAN S.

WATCHING football won't be the same. Started watching because of you ( hope to see you back in the dugout soon. ( CAROL M, North Shields.

BIG AL will be missed and never replaced. A true Geordie and the greatest No 9 ever. ( DAVID FLETCHER, West Denton.

YOU'VE done us so proud over the last decade and you went out with the best bang you could have, setting the penalty record straight for the Mackems. ( MICKY GALLON, Wallsend.

SIMPLY the best. ( NICK MURRAY, Whitley Bay.

ALAN, you are the best thing since sliced bread. ( DOT FORSTER, Walker.

SHEARER'S a legend. ( STOREY, Whitley Bay.

HELLO Shearer, all I have to say is thanks for making me proud to be a Geordie. ( LOLA DIXON, Newcastle upon Tyne.

WATCHING you for 10 years was a pleasure and better than winning a trophy. Thanks, Alan. ( BILLY BOY IONS, Birtley.

ALAN, you have been a great servant to Newcastle. Good luck for the future. You are irreplaceable. ( TYRONE MILLS, Heaton.

SHEARER, true gent, true professional, true Geordie! You are an inspiration to us all. Hope you enjoy your rest! ( YOP, Jarrow.

THANKS for being a belter Toon player. You're going to be missed. Al the best. ( NICOLA, Newcastle.

THANKS for all the wonderful memories, Al. Have a happy retirement. Can't wait to see your statue! ( MAC, Teams.

GOOD luck with the future Alan and thank you for everything you have done for the Toon in the 10 years you have played for us. Cheers mate. ( DARREN.

ALAN, thanks for the memories. ( SANDRA, Lobley Hill.

THE Toon's greatest goalscorer ever! Good luck! ( CALLUM BROOKS, (age 8), Consett.

THANKS for the loyalty, commitment and pride you have brought to the black-and-white shirt. ( KEITH ROBSON, Rowlands Gill.

THANKS for a great 10 years. Shame you never got the medals you deserved. Enjoy your year off, then come back and win us those medals. ( IAN, Morpeth.

THANKS, Al ( was there when you signed, be there when you finish. ( PETER, SUE, CHRIS WAYNE.

CHEERS Al ( you will always be the best. ( CRAIG PENDOWER.

THANK you for 10 great years You have set an example to all Toon fans as well as players at St James' Park.

MY son and I were there the day you signed and we'll be there on your last night. Thanks Al for the times in between ( we'll miss you. ( JIM, Cramlington.

DON'T have any regrets about silverware, Alan. You have been our `trophy' to brag about all these years. Best of luck for the future. ( LORNA, Ashington.

AL, you highlight wor Geordies' best qualities and made an outsider feel very welcome. ( CIARAN BERNARD, Ireland.

YOU have been the epitome of a hero, and how we shall miss your courage, pride and devotion. Thank you for giving us your very heart and soul.

AN absolute legend. A true role model for every Newcastle fan. He wore the black-and-white strip with pride. He's going to be missed.

ALAN SHEARER ( the perfect sportsman. ( MARGARET SHORT, Wallsend.

WE could never replace KING OF THE GEORDIES. No 9 forever. ( ANDREW STRAIN, Cowgate.

YOU have been simply the best. All the best for the future. ( KEITH, PAULINE, MARC, DANIEL FORTUNE, Kingston Park

WE had coals to Newcastle, you gave goals to Newcastle. Thanks. ( SCOTT LISLE.

WHAT are we going to do without you? You are newcastle. Thank you, Alan ( love you loads. ( JAN.

THE greatest Premiership player. Could have gone anywhere in the world and won all sorts of trophies, instead he came home and became a living legend.

CUT Big Al and he bleeds black and white. He's Newcastle's very own Northern Rock! ( DAVE HUDSON , Hazlerigg.

IT'S been an honour to watch the greatest striker of our time. Thanks for the memories. ( SCOTT, Gateshead.

SHEARER, you're my hero ( I will never forget you ( we will miss you. Good luck for the future, Al. ( KEVIN BELL, Consett.

ALAN, I will miss those shirt changes at the end of matches ( ding dong! ( TRACY from BISH-VEGAS XXX.

GOD broke the mould when Shearer was born as there is only one Alan Shearer. ( TAITY, Walkerville.

THE perfect role model of how a pro footballer should be. ( RONNA, Wallsend.

YOU will be sorely missed Big Al, you have done the Toon proud. Cheers. ( DAVEY RICHARDS, Denton Burn.

THANK you for being loyal and giving me memories I will never forget. ( JONNY, Jesmond.

THANK you for 10 years of blood, sweat and tears for the toon! A true privilege to watch you perform. Good luck for the future. ( SIMON GIBB, South Shields.

THANKS for playing with pride and passion over the years a true great, a legend. Fancy helping out Sven? ( DAZA P, Forest Hall.

ALAN, I grew up watching you and I can hardly remember a Newcastle United without you. I have been sat in the Gallowgate to see you score so many great goals.

A LEGEND, the best there is was and ever will be. The hardest job for the next manager is to replace a pure Geordie hero and world-class player.

THANKS for giving us Geordies some great memories! You are my hero. ( AZZA STOKES, Gosforth.

ALAN, thank you for 10 great years and fantastic memories.

I'M a Sunderland fan of 35 years, but I have to say hand on heart, you've been world class. Played some brilliant football ( England missed you, NUFC will miss you too.

BIG AL, Shear class, Shear magic. I thought I was dreaming the day you signed for the Toon. Best player I've ever seen in a Newcastle shirt. Good luck.


`THERE'S only one Alan Shearer' went the song from the fans, It didn't all go to plan but he's our hero through and through, Alan, Geordies love you! ( SIAN, GLEN and MADDY.

GEORDIE, gentleman, goal machine, god ( the great Sir Alan. ( ART, Chapel House.

ALAN, You're the best and always will be a true Geordie hero. Good luck for the future. ( AMANDA.

YOUR skill, passion and talent some players can match, but one thing no player can match is your LOYALTY. ( JOHN H, North Shields.

IT has been an absolute pleasure and honour to have watched Alan Shearer play. I have seen his first goal and his last goal for United.

HENRY, Van Nistelrooy, Rooney etc... Don't make me laugh. It's about so much more than scoring goals ( honesty, loyalty, passion, heart and selflessness.

TO Alan Shearer, the greatest and last true English centre-forward ever to pull on black and white and England shirts. THANKS!

THANKS Shearer for the fantastic 10 years of loyalty you've given the Toon! You really are the best striker in Premiership history.

ALAN was such an icon here in the North East because he was one of us. He had an everyman quality. He was such an inspiration to so many people.

Alan, I'll always have unforgettable memories in me because of the incredible moments you've given us. You are simply a god in my, and many people's, eyes.

HE is a gentleman, an ambassador for sport ( I have many happy memories, difficult to choose one. You cannot talk about Newcastle without mentioning Big Al.

IT has been a pleasure to watch the great man in the last 10 years, the best centre- forward to grace the Premiership.

ALAN you are a pure Geordie and have made the Geordies proud. It has been a privilege watching you play. You will be in our hearts and memories for years to come.

HIS outstanding worth displayed on the turf, covering every blade of grass. A decade of dedication ( Shearer a legend, sheer genius, sheer class.

MADE his name as No 9, one of the greatest of all time. Scored so many fantastic goals, to the fans with black and white souls.

A LEGEND at Newcastle, Shearer has earned admiration, respect, endearment recognition as the greatest No 9 United have ever had. He can't be replaced.

I AM 10 and you have been my role model to be good at all sports and you will be a missed by all. Thank you

ALAN SHEARER is a living legend who is irreplaceable. My Saturday afternoons are never going to be the same.

LIKE so many other fans I was ecstatic the day Big Al signed. I wish we could have rewarded his loyalty with a trophy. Good luck to the great man.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 12, 2006
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