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You say... Dog owner's extreme reaction when grooming parlour completely shaved his bichon frise If only hair grew back or something.

Andy Brown Problem is people get these dogs with curly hair thinking it's cute but don't bother looking after it and brushing it, then it gets all matted and horrible for the dog.

Aileen Heather Wells Rana The groomer should have phoned the owners to discuss the situation. Bit of an over reaction, it will grow back. Just don't use her again and get your dog a jumper.

Mina Lomax If someone shaved my dog bald I think I'd be going mad too especially only offering half the money back!! It's freezing, no dog needs to be bald & it says the dog has a trim why on earth would they decide to shave it all off? That is not their choice to make!

Shannon Lily Bichon and poodle/doodle groups are usually the same; owners get told they're low maintenance and then we have to shave the poor things bald. The welfare act states we have to do what's best for the dog, if we can't brush it out we shave it. No nonsense.

Hailey Roebuck She had no right to cut his dog's hair off without consulting him, end of, she had no right to do that... And neither did he...

Jeanette Netty Davies

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Mar 8, 2018
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