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You say: Shortpoints.

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HAVING seen Macca at Manchester it was a forgo ne conclusion that Liverpool was going to be a ``must see `` gig and we were not disapointed. The concert itself ran like a well oiled machine, a few changes to songs played made the gig seem more personal to Liverpool as a whole. The band, and Paul himself were spot on as usual and the crowd were magnificent in their reception of Paul after so long.

Les Thelwell,Birkenhead

THIS was by far his greatest concert to date. Paul back in his home town, singing and looking as good as he did in his Beatles'days.Everybody was rocking. Atmosphere was awesome. Come back next year Paul. We salute you!

Lise and Paul Johnson,Birmingham

THIS was the best concert I have seen in my life,Paul was rocking, the crowd was rocking the place was just rocking.

Well worth the 10 hours queingfor it we was right at the front.

Lesley Jackson,Yorkshire

SIR Paul - as always, number 1.

Joan Castillo-Williams,San Antonio,Texas

I WAS delighted to be in the audience at Paul McCartney's concert onSunday night. It's good to see he still has all the crowd- pulling power he did when he was in the Beatles.

He was just amazing.Let's hope by the next time he comes there's a stadium for him so he can play in a proper venue.


CONGRATULATIONS on Jimmy McGovern's Tuesday column. I admire this man immensely.

I thought his latest article,``My journey to the true meaning of patriotism'' brilliant. He is like a breath of fresh air,and not afraid to speak the truth.

Susan Maria Taylor,Anfield

I WAS so sad to read about the woman who saved in the hope of leaving something behind for her family. Jeanie Hilton managed to collect pounds 25,000 inside biscuit tins which she kept in the bottom of a wardrobe and was devastated when it was stolen by heartless thieves.

How sad that old people don't feel that they can trust our banks enough to keep their savings safe there instead.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 3, 2003
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