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You say: No to assemblies.

Byline: Esther McVey

I HOPE that the referendum result in the North East finally convinces John Prescott and Tony Blair that the people of this country do not want regional government.

While I fully support the regions having a greater say in National policy and greater determination over their own future this could never have been achieved with the way these regional assemblies had been designed They were created not to take power away from Whitehall and give it to the regions but the exact opposite -- to take power away from local government and local people, creating a weaker local government and less say for the regions.

John Prescott said that a regional assembly would cost the equivalent of `a pint of beer and a bag of fish and chips' for each person in the region. However, people in the North East have realised that another tier of government would waste even more of their money, simply talking about the problems in the region, not solving them.

I believe that with the scale of the result, 78% voting NO, that John Prescott should abolish the existing unelected, unaccountable regional assemblies in England and give their powers back to local government.

People identify with their cities, towns, boroughs and neighbourhoods, not with government office regions. Power and decision making should be with local communities.

The people have spoken, they demand the responsibility to govern themselves. They demand community government not regional government.

Esther McVey, Parliamentary Candidate Wirral West Conservatives
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 9, 2004
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