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You put women on the map.

What does it say to children that so few women are recognized in statues, on money bills, or named in schools and streets and buildings? It says that women aren't as important as men. And that's wrong and untrue.

The girl activists with the Maine feminist group SPARK ( know that women made history everywhere, so they're making these women visible by highlighting awesome women on the app, Put Women on the Map, a project of the Field Trip app. Now anyone anywhere can use the app--your phone buzzes when you're near a woman listed on the app--to bring women back into history.

You can contribute, too! When you learn of a historic (not living) woman you admire, write 150-300 words about her, and include a link with a photo of her or what she, did, as well as a street address of where she lived or did something cool. Email to girl@NewMoon/com, and we'll get it to SPARK, and you'll put another woman on the map!

Just a few of the women SPARK girls brought to life: The spot in Ohio where Sojourner Truth gave her "Ain't I a Woman" speech ... the center in Chile where the "arpilleristas" women made protest needle art during the dictatorship.... the Massachusetts birthplace of Deborah Sampson (left), who fought disguised as a man in the Revolutionary War ... the Paris hall where Josephine Baker (right) danced.

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Date:Mar 1, 2016
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