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You must speak up for morality.

THE "strange silence" has been broken - religious leaders have at last begun to speak the truth about homosexuality.

The planned repeal of section 28 finally meant they had no choice. The demands of the homosexual lobby have become so outrageous and so corrupting that decency and morality had to make its voice heard.

The abolition of the clause which bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools, marks a critical watershed.

If it goes children in our classrooms will not only be inundated with sodomist propaganda, but will be asked to indulge in bizarre role-playing games pretending to be lesbians, transvestites, bisexuals and worse.

If children are to be taught that homosexual relationships are equal with heterosexual ones, then clearly our society is accepting that sodomy is morally equal to heterosexuality and deviant partnerships are as valid as proper marriage.

Finally, figures like the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev James Jones (pictured), have found the courage to say that this must be wrong.

He gives four moral reasons: if homosexuality became universal then the human race would end; only heterosexuality can lead to children; sodomy is obviously unnatural and it carries with it serious health issues.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland Cardinal Thomas Winning, was a little more blunt. He branded homosexuality as the perversion it is.

It was the Cardinal who wondered at the "strange silence" about the issue in England.

What he clearly did not realise is the depths to which the homosexual groups have sunk their tentacles into the power base in this country and how afraid the average councillor and MP has become of being branded politically incorrect.

So while it is perhaps remarkable that every major important religious group in the nation has now come out against the repeal of section 28, that will not be nearly enough. Things have gone too far for that.

All that can stop it now is if the majority of decent men and women finally decide that enough is enough. And they need not to just break the silence, but shatter it.
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Author:Tyndale, George
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jan 30, 2000
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