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You know you want them inspector gadget; Something for the weekend.

Byline: Chris Gorman

Image Clock Dolphin - pounds 10

This Image Clock is perfect for anybody, it has a little animal inside that swims round in time to the second hand, the clock itself is set in the base of the clock, but reflects up on to the inside of the clear clock

casing, allowing you to see the

analogue clock face clearly. Rating: 7/10.

Perfect present.

Equilibrium Scales - pounds 60

Memories of old-fashioned sweet shops are welcomed back into the 21st century with these Equilibrium scales. They are beautifully designed and made to a high standard, while

keeping them practical. Rating: 9/10.

These scales are not only practical but they look fantastic, too.

Pin Sculpture - pounds 5

This is a sculpture with infinite possibilities. Just press against any solid object (a face is always a good one) and the pins will hold that form. A great

conversation piece in

any home and great

fun at parties.

Rating: 7/10.

Great for kids and adults alike.Key Bottle Opener - pounds 7

It may look like an ordinary keyand yet amazingly it opens bottles (especially beer bottles). Rating: 9/10.

Always useful

to have around.Scorer Football Table - pounds 899

The Scorer's scratch-resistant legs ensure this table looks good season in season out. The pitch is made from glass and has an attractive laminated finish; the handles and players are made from hard-wearing polyurethane plastic.

Rating: 7/10.

Must have! (Only available online).

Hamster Wheel Runner - pounds 5

Watch this rascal rodent bustle around in his exercise wheel. The ultimate low-

maintenance pet will scurry around and keep you amused for hours. This cute little guy can keep you company as a desktop accessory. He will keep on running for hours and never get bored. Rating: 5/10. Some may say tacky, but gives hours of amusement.

Candy Floss Maker -- pounds 50

All the fun of the fair, and you don't have to be there. Impress party guests, as everybody loves candyfloss. It's such a sweet treat and now you can make this fairground favourite at home. Rating: 6/10. Great for occasions, but remember, all the sugar will rot your teeth.

Body Fat Analyser - pounds 40

If you want to see exactly how much of you is actually fat, not muscle, then the Body Fat Analyser can tell you. Simply enter your details into the

memory, then just place your hands on the sensors. Rating: 7/10. May make you depressed.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 20, 2002
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