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You heard it here! once is enough!

Don't let anybody convince you that you have to clean a rifle, machine gun, or pistol three times before it's clean enough for inspection. It just isn't so.

Once is enough, if you do it right. And right means cleaning by the book, the weapon's -10 TM.

All operator TMs for small arms say to clean weapons after so many rounds or after so much time. If you then clean and lube them like the TM says, the weapons are clean enough for firing, for storage, and for inspection.

If the weapon is going to the arms room for storage, it doesn't need cleaning again for 90 days, unless it shows signs of corrosion.

Save the white glove test for barracks inspections. Any weapon that has been properly cleaned and lubed will have a film of CLP (or LSAT for the MK19). So spots on a white glove are a good thing-they mean a weapon has been lubed to prevent corrosion. A spotless glove means no protection.
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