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You don't want to join the Marines.




AT first it seems that the title of this game is all wrong ... it is, you fondly believe, Alien v Predator v Marines.

Five minutes into it and you realise that the title is spot-on. This is Alien v Predator and anyone who gets in the way is mincemeat.

Players have a choice of controlling one of three characters, including the Predator, the Ripley-chewing Alien or a Marine.

Trust me. You don't want to be a human unless you have an RBG ... a Really Big Gun. But what you do have, uniquely, are three very different games rolled into one.

The plot follows on from the Alien 4 movie, with aspects of Alien 2. A nearby planet is taken over by the military and corrupt corporations, trying to develop the perfect weapon, a xenomorph, by using Aliens.

Enter the Predator, turn loose the Marines and you have a recipe for a rubbish plot but a superb game.

As the Alien, you can climb walls, disappear through drains and go underground to surprise the prey. The latter adds a whole new dimension to the Internet- linked deathmatch.

If you decide to play the dreadlocked Predator you are slower, but have a lot of nice gadgetry to fiddle with and incredible strength.

Try the shoulder cannon ... you have the strength to take the recoil.

Or how about the wrist blades, always handy for picking bits of Marine out of your teeth?

Of course, you could always get gung-ho and play the Marine, dedicated to destroying the Alien colony and the xenomorph plans, which you can only find by locating five fragmented data cartridges.

For those of you partial to showing off your 3D-accelerated PCs, this will make you drool.

The new 3D engine makes incredible use of dynamic lighting and manages to recreate the eerie quality that made Alien 2 such a favourite among film fans.

Two games that made a big impact this year are Half Life and Unreal, the former for its clever AI, the latter for the graphics.

Both of them became the benchmark for games of their type.

Alien v Predator combines the artificial intelligence of Half-Life with the graphics and atmosphere of Unreal ... and takes it one step beyond, since it is optimised for the new 3DFX Voodoo 3 card.

Released next month, it is certain to become one of the smash-hits of the year -and the most frightening game ever released.


A cheetah with fuel-injection, steel teeth and two mouths to feed. It also has a Mike Tyson tendency whenever it gets near any Marines. Spits acid and, just to really annoy enemies, bleeds acid all over them.


The ugliest alien of the pack, he has three vision modes and can go invisible with stealth and cloaking technology. Has wrist blades, spear gun and shoulder cannon.

MARINE: Flame-thrower with Vinnie Jones attached. And that, apart from motion sensors and pulse grenades, is your lot.

RALLY CROSS 2 PlayStation FIRSTLY, you might not even have been aware that there was a Rally Cross 1. It came and it went and the gaming world was completely unaffected.

Sad to say, but the sequel is likely to suffer the same fate and for the same reason.

There are 10 different vehicles to choose from over a selection of terrain. ranging from asphalt, dirt, sand and snow.

You then take the vehicle of your choice and race it round the circuit against computer controlled cars.

Great. Wonderful. Fun - but only for about 10 minutes.

Rally Cross 2 isn't a bad game, but its just out of date and feels like something that should have appeared when the Playstation was new.

This is a disc that is both bland and predictable, whose best use in motoring would be as a fifth wheel in case of a puncture.

IN an attempt to clear away some of the swirling vapour over the new PlayStation, announced this week, here are a few specs

BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE: Yes, it will play all your old games, it just won't make them look any better.

DVD: It will include a DVD player, which means you can play movie and audio CDs as well.

IMPROVED GRAPHICS: It will have a fill-rate of 2.4 billion pixels. The current PlayStation has a fill rate of 66 million.

SID MEIER'S ALPHA CENTAURI PC CD Rom WHO is Sid Meier? And why should we be interested in his Alpha Centauri?

Well, a long, long time ago, when computer games were simply three square and a beeping noise, Sid wrote a couple of games that launched the empire- building genre of computer gaming.

Smash-hits, such as Civilisation, followed and you might think that Alpha Centauri is more of the same.

But as soon as you load it up you discover a brilliant game that, while it won't appeal to everyone, will be gaming heaven for most.

Alpha Centauri is one of those games that feels like it could go anywhere, do anything and play forever. You have fled a war-torn Earth in the 22nd Century in a huge space ship only to be woken from your cryo-sleep when an asteroid plunges into the side of your ship.

What follows are power struggles, mini-wars and death as seven different factions fight it out for supremacy.

You lead one of the factions and only by developing your resources can you discover all-important new technologies, rally your troops and generate enough equipment to crush the other factions. While this might sound like rather dry and dull action, all this rallying and building and fighting takes place on some very impressive 3D landscaped playing areas.

It is a fantastically engrossing game and it is possible to play it forever, linked up over a Local Area Network and head-to-head with your mates.

If you want instant `bang, crash, wallop' entertainment then this disc is definitely not for you.

A great game but very much for the older player.

X GAMES PRO-BOARDER YET another rad snow-boarding sports game that lets you pull stunts without doing your knees in.

Nine different levels and lots of scope to show your stuff, which is fairly standard fare.

Where this game scores is in the playability and the feel of it. The speed has been captured expertly by the graphics; the scenery whips past fast enough to give you a real illusion of being there.

The game-play is nicely balanced to allow you to progress from level to level without getting stalled and frustrated.

The real problem with this disc is that it has so much to compete against and does precious little to stand out from the crowd.

The world needs this like the Mad Hatter needs a chocolate teapot.



WE'VE already printed some cheats, but the demand has been so great that we

decided to print even more. To use any of these, click on the SETTINGS and then on the box below

PASSCODES: and simply type them in.

IAMDOLLY : Infinite lives.

CHICKEN: AT /ST Bonus level.

DIRECTOR: View cut screens.

GUNDARK: Alters the force feedback control.

TOUGHGUY: Upgrades your technology.



TRY these nifty little cheats. To give yourself 99 lives, pause the game and go to the inventory. Now press Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Up, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle.

If you want to get access to all the levels in the game, all you have to do is pause the game at any point, go to the inventory screen and hit Square, Square, Circle, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down. Now go to the balloonist and you'll be able to try any level you want.



GOT problems with this? Sort 'em out with these cheats.


IGOTABFA: Pen and Ink Mode

PIPSQUAEK: Tiny Enemies


UBERNOODLE: Big heads.



Despite what you think of the game you WILL want to get your hands on these nifty cheats. Enter any of these as your name to get them to work.

ITSGALLUS: All cities

IAMTHELAW : No police

ITCOULDBEYOU: Maximum credits

ITSTANTRUM: Infinite lives.



ALL you have to do is type then while playing the game to get instant results.

DIEDIEDIE: Kill all of your opponents.

REVEAL MAP: Does what it says.

COINAGE: Gives you a hundred gold

BIGDADDY - Quick rocket launcher cars.
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