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You can sail on a tall ship.

You can sail on a tall ship

Majestic unions of wood and canvas, tallships continue to exert an allure that allmost anyone can appreciate. That they survive today as more than just docked museum pieces is due largely to sail-training organizations, which use the ships to teach young people nautical skills and values such as teamwork and responsibility. While youth programs are their main focus, three nonprofit organizations on the West Coast now offer cruises to "youth of all ages.'

Besides giving old boats new careers, sail-traininggroups also add to the number of tall ships afloat. Three of the five we describe are replicas of 18th- and 19th-century vessels built in the past few years (one is still under construction). All are two-masted; their rigging distinguishes topsail schooners (square topsails) from gaff-rigged schooners (no square sails) from brigantines (foremast entirely square-rigged).

Youth training cruises range in durationfrom a week to 11 days. Adults are welcome aboard for shorter sessions. On daylong sails, you may be able to take a turn at the helm or help hoist a sail; overnight cruises encourage more participation in sailing and navigation--as well as instruction in maritime history, marine ecology, and other relevant topics. No sailing experience is required on any of the outings; seasoned crews are on hand to ensure smooth sailing.

Bay Area cruises on Californian

On May 24, this full-scale replica of an1849 revenue cutter will lead a floating parade through the Golden Gate in honor of the bridge's 50th anniversary. Launched in 1984 as the state's official tall ship, the 94-foot Californian can fly 7,000 square feet of sail. From June through August, she will sail from Sausalito and other Bay Area ports. For cruise dates or reservations, write to the Nautical Heritage Society, 24532 Del Prado, Dana Point, Calif. 92629, or call (714) 661-1001.

Youth sail-training. Training cruisesfrom California ports are offered year-round. Each 11-day cruise carries sixteen 16- to 25-year-old "cadets' ($700 each).

Adult cruises. Most weekends this summer,adults can take guest-narrated day-sails on San Francisco and Monterey bays. Fee ($45 per person) includes lunch and one-year membership in the society. Bolder souls can sign on for a 12-passenger three-day "High Seas Adventure'; during your watch, you'll assist the crew in all aspects of sailing the ship. There'll be four such cruises this summer; meals are included in the $375 per-person charge.

Sail the San Juans from Seattle . . .

Built in 1913 for a trophy-hunting expeditionin the Arctic, the 101-foot Adventuress served for 37 years as a pilot schooner in San Francisco Bay. It now sails out of Seattle's Shilshole Bay Marina. For more information, write to Youth Adventures, Inc., Box 23, Mercer Island, Wash. 98040, or call (206) 232-4024. Cruises are offered March through October in Puget Sound and the San Juans.

Youth sail-training. Week-long summersessions train 20 to 27 high school--age sailors for $300 apiece.

Adult cruises range from overnight weekendsails to week-long voyages. Some visit the Northwest's classic boat festivals in late August and early September. Cost is $50 per person per day.

. . . or Victoria, B.C.

Visitors to Expo '86 may have seen thehull of the topsail schooner Pacific Swift taking shape in an old-fashioned boat-yard. That vessel will soon join the fleet of Victoria's Sail and Life Training Society (S.A.L.T.S.), which began its sail-training program with the 105-foot Grand Banks fishing schooner Robertson II, built in Nova Scotia in 1940. The smaller brigatine Spirit of Chemainus was launched in 1985. For more information, write to the society, Box 5014, Station B, Victoria, B.C. V8R 6N3, or call (604) 383-6811.

S.A.L.T.S. cruises sail from Victoria's InnerHarbour to the San Juan Islands or remote Desolation Sound.

Youth sail-training. Ten-day summertrips take twenty to thirty 13- to 19- and 15- to 25-year-olds on Sprit of Chemainus or Robertson II at a cost of $350 per person.

Adult cruises. Membership ($20 per person,$50 per family) entitles you to some day-sails, some three-day cruises. Call for details.

Photo: Sails taut with filling wind, Californian slices through calm water. Launched three years ago, she's a replica of a 19th-century topsail schooner

Photo: Skipper makes adjustment to bring ship'scourse in line with compass heading

Photo: Heave, ho! Passengers and crew haul on"throat' halyard to raise mainsail

Photo: In a stack when the sail is down, thesesliding hoops secure mainsail to mast
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