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You can lengthen traction motor life.

A program of periodic inspection and planned maintenance is a sure-fire way to lengthen the service life of your lift truck traction motors.

Today's electric-powered lift trucks can work harder, lift more, and run longer than ever before. But these increased capabilities mean much more wear and tear on the trucks' traction motors. To increase motor service life and reduce unscheduled downtime, a formal program of periodic inspection and routine maintenance is a must.

Putting together such a program is neither difficult nor complicated. Here are the steps you should follow:

1.) Routine: check that the terminal stud connections, mounting bolts, and attachment connecting bolts are clean and tight. Inspect the cooling holes in the end heads and cover bands for any debris that could restrict air circulation.

2.) Routine: check the motor wiring for worn, cracked, or .frayed insulation. Related circuitry such as switches should also be inspected. All connections should be clean and tight. Also check the battery connections.

3.) Periodic: proper periodic inspection of the brushes and commutator is critical. Remove the cover band from the commutator end of the motor, and examine the brushes and commutator for even wear and good contact. A darkbrownish, polished commutator and an evenly polished brush wearing surface indicate good commutation.

If, on the other hand, the commutator looks rough, pitted, scored, or has signs of burning or heavy arcing between the commutator bars, remove the motor for servicing.

4.) Periodic: examine the brushes for signs of uneven wear. Uneven wear may indicate brush spring misalignment or other problems; discolored brush shunts and springs are signs of overhearing.

Check the brush holders for physical damage and looseness.

Inspect the brush springs for correct alignment on the brush. 5.) If brushes need replacing, always replace the complete brush set, rather than just one or two. And don't substitute brushes: using the wrong brushes can damage the commutator.

The table gives recommended inspection and maintenance intervals.

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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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