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You can help build the Tahoe Rim Trail this summer.

You can help build the Tahoe Rim Trail this summer Potentially one of the West's most scenic trails, the Tahoe Rim Trail entered its second year of construction this summer. Planners with the nonprofit Tahoe Rim Trail Committee envision a 150-mile route for hiking, horse riding, and cross-country skiing in the spectacular high country around the lake. Also planned are new trailheads and feeder trails, educational and interpretive centers, rest areas, overlooks, picnic sites, and campsites. Target date for completion is 1990.

The effort, however, is nearly all volunteer, and from now until the first snows, you can lend some muscle to the project. Three locations are open for trail building: at Spooner Sumit above the east shore, near Tahoe City on the northwest shore, and at Grass Lake south of the lake. The goal for this year is 20 miles.

To join, write or call the Tahoe Rim Trail Comittee, Box 10156, South Lake Tahoe, Calilf. 95731; (916) 577-0676. Ask for the free monthly newsletter, which includes upcoming work schedules.

On August 3 and 4 and 10 and 11, naturalist and author Jeffrey Schaffer will lead groups of workers into the Grass Lake area, roughly 8,000 feet elevation. He plans at least 4 hours of work on Saturdays; on Sundays he'll lead hikes.

Bring work clothes, gloves, your lunches, and plenty of water; you'll also have to arrange overnight lodging. Tools will be provided. Work will be easy to strenuous, depending on your condition and interest. For more information, write to Schaffer at 286 Falcon Way, Hercules 94547, or call the TRT office.
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Date:Aug 1, 1985
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