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You can count on this!

You may think numbers are everywhere:

* Telephone numbers

* Addresses

* Game scores

* Dates

But there was a time when people didn't know how old they were. And if you asked them how many fingers they had, they'd just wiggle them and say, "A bunch. Here they are."

But that was before numbers were invented. you can learn about the invention of numbers, and all the wonderful things we can do with them in the book Go Figure!

If You think numbers are only interesting to mathematicians and teachers, think again.

This book will let you count off the great ways numbers can used, everything from magic squares, to soccer balls and buckeyballs, to a number call pi that just keeps going and going and going....

You'll keep going and going and going, too, back to the pages of Go Figure! to learn more about those amazing numbers!

Go Figure! By Johnny Ball DK Publishing, New York 91 pages
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Title Annotation:"Go Figure!" by Johnny Ball
Publication:U.S. Kids
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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