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You can't miss.

* Shooting is a sport that must be practiced diligently in order to become proficient. It was with that though in mind I approached You Can't Miss, a book by John Shaw, one of the most prolific winners on the IPSC shooting circuit. It would be much easier to list the big tournaments he hasn't won than the ones he has. Suffice it to say that if anyone could teach someone how to shoot in a book, John Shaw is a leading candidate.

After reading You Can't Miss, I feel Shaw has done as good a job as can be done at this difficult task. Basically he has kept everything related to pistol shooting at a novice's level, yet there's not a top-notch shooter who couldn't learn--or re-learn--something from reading this book. In keeping with the simplistic approach John goes out of his way to stress the two most important items for fast and accurate handgun shooting (they also hold true for rifle and shotgun shooting), sight picture and trigger control. He maintains that if a beginner masters these two items he's well on his way to being a well rounded shooter, whether it be for match competition or personal defense.

Shaw, of course, covers many other items that concern handgunners; shooting stance, moving targets, clearing jams, speed reloading, barricade shooting, night shooting, how to practice, combat competitions and the real world, and selecting holsters, etc. There's even sections on practical rifle and shotgun shooting.

No one is going to become the world class expert John Shaw is by reading this book. But the basics are there, well presented in both text and photographs. Shaw procured the services of a good photographer, Harry Sargent, to illustrate this book, and his graphics go a long way towards making it an efficient teaching and/or learning tool. Also, Michael Bane, John's co-author, must have worked diligently in collaboration with Shaw to produce You Can't Miss.

Copies of the book can be purchased from gun stores, or by dropping a line to John Shaw at Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense shooting, Dept. GA, 503 Stone-wall, Memphis, TN, 38112. The price is $8.95 plus a dollar to cover postage and handling.

As stated before, no one will become a world champion by leaf through the pages. But, if You Can't Miss is read and digested, and then augmented by firing a quarter of a million rounds using the principles set forth, the person who does that is going to be one tough competitor!
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Author:Hetzler, Dave
Publication:Guns & Ammo
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Date:Aug 1, 1984
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