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You Say: Ticking off.

Byline: Paul Griffiths

IN SEPTEMBER 2003,I parked in Cumberland Street in the city centre to deliver goods to the Masquerade Pub.

I was on single yellow lines for about 20 minutes but on departure I found a ticket on my car for pounds 30.

Shocked and annoyed I looked for a sign that usually says parking times etc,but none were present. I wrote a letter of complaint to Citilink and appealed with a delivery note from the Masquerade.

They told me the inspector viewed my car for six minutes and after five he is allowed to issue a ticket, saying it states so in the Highway Code,but I believe it does not.

After appealing again they said I was one day over the 14 day threshold and so the fine was now pounds 60,and would be passed to a firm in Manchester who would be in touch over an appeal and investigation.

Nobody got in touch until my father's company, which my car is registered under, received a letter from Citilink demanding pounds 90 or the bailiffs would be round.

I called Citilink and stressed that I am a student trying to scrape through university and was contesting a pounds 30 fine, why on earth would I let it get to the stage where I would be forced to pay pounds 90?A manager is supposed to be calling me.

Most normal people would just pay the fine and get on with it because we tolerate things we don't believe in,instead of fighting them.

The reason this country is in such a mess is because nobody will stand up and be counted anymore.

Paul Griffiths,Halewood
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 26, 2004
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