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You Cannot Get There From Here.

You Cannot Get There From Here

Walter F. Matras

Five Star Special Edition

c/o American Literary Press

8019 Belair Rd #10, Baltimore MA 21236

1561679232 $12.95 1-800-873-2003

You Cannot Get There From Here is a 168-page body of work based on a logical analysis of objective evidence that concludes the race to voyage to other worlds as impossible, or unfeasible, and that human resources are far better spent attempting to stem the depletion of earth's resources and to improve world populations' heath, welfare, and peaceful existence. Tolling like a bell for the deceased, author Walter Matras reminds readers of the many astronauts and cosmonauts who have sacrificed their lives and will continue to do so unless everyone admits the realization that You Cannot Get There From Here. Evidence is clearly presented to illustrate the impossibility of attaining any dream of star-settlement. Lest readers should misinterpret his conclusion, Matras states at the end of chapter 16: "Footnote--Scientific space programs must continue to ensure United States leadership in space technology, well into our future. At the same time, our scientific space endeavors should be aligned to near earth projects and leave the deep outer space travels to those with UFO fantasies (p. 143)." You Cannot Get There From Here marshals and presents a convincing array of evidence to support its thesis and compels the reader to examine underlying "magical" thinking and beliefs regarding space exploration and colonization.
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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