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See your name in print in each issue of Herizons when you join the growing community of Herizons Sustaining Subscribers.

Pledge a small amount each month and you will help ensure that the feminist ink continues to flow. Your steady, reliable donation nurtures Herizons and provides this small, non-profit organization with stability.

Once you decide to give every month, just choose an amount you're comfortable with. Then, register by mailing in a blank cheque marked VOID showing the monthly amount you've chosen--$5, $10 or a higher amount. You don't have to rip the page out of the magazine to become a Sustaining Subscriber! You can simply scan your cheque and email it to

Your contribution will be transferred from your account on the first of each month. Best of all, your Herizons subscription will never expire as long as you are a Sustaining Subscriber. By reducing the need to print renewal letters, you will also help reduce our postage costs.

Please help ensure Herizons' long-term viability and sign up today!

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Date:Jan 1, 2020
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