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You Can Achieve Normal Blood Sugar.

You Can Achieve Normal Blood Sugar

Dennis Pollock

Harvest House Publishers

2975 Chad Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97408

9780736975971 $13.99 pbk / $9.97 Kindle

Synopsis: If high blood sugar is something you struggle with, chances are you've been overwhelmed by the wealth of well-meaning information you've heard from doctors, nutritionists, and other sources. Isn't it time to put the theories to the test and determine once and for all how to get your numbers back to normal?

That's exactly what bestselling author Dennis Pollock did. And the results of well over 100 blood sugar tests he conducted for this book, further backed by brand-new research and real-life stories, will give you the answers you've been searching for.

In addition, you'll learn why, how, and when to test, the importance of reading food labels, helpful guidelines for weight control and general nutrition, and so much more.

For the first time in your diabetic journey, you will finally be able to experience what it feels like to know that maintaining normal blood sugar isn't just possible, it's entirely achievable.

Critique: Written to be thoroughly accessible to readers of all backgrounds, You Can Achieve Normal Sugar is a practical guide for people with type 2 diabetes. Chapters discuss opposing schools of thought for managing one's diet (one view recommends a plant-based diet that restricts or eliminates meat, the other suggests a low-carb diet that embraces meat; both schools agree that sugary or high-carbohydrate foods are terrible for one's blood sugar); the role of exercise as a valuable tool for cultivating good health, but not as crucially important for diabetics as controlling one's diet; how to carefully read food labels; and much more. All conclusions are supported by personal research with blood sugar tests, as well as research from secondary sources. You Can Achieve Normal Blood Sugar is highly recommended for both personal and public library collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that You Can Achieve Normal Blood Sugar is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.97).

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Date:Jun 1, 2019
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