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You've Got Mail!

What does a mailbox mean to you? What's its purpose? What features are essential for it to meet your needs?

In cities and towns, mailboxes are usually attached to a house. In apartment complexes, they are sometimes clustered. Often, they require locks. In many rural areas, mailboxes are attached to posts at the end of a driveway. Whether made of wood, metal, or plastic, mailboxes usually look pretty much the same. But not always!

Last summer, SchoolArts found these unusual mailboxes in a small oceanfront community in Delaware. On our short bike route, no two boxes were the same, and each seemed to be appropriate for its owner. One mailbox (not pictured) was a scale model of the beach house it served. What do you think these mailboxes mean to the people living in this community? How does the function extend beyond being a receptacle for mail?

If you were going to design a mailbox for yourself, what would it look like?

What's the most unusual mailbox you've seen in your community? Perhaps you could send us a picture!
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Title Annotation:unique mailbox design
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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