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You're too boring for telly, Lisa; DANIELLE'S BLAST FOR FELLOW 'WIFE'.

Byline: SAM HAMILTON Showbiz Reporter

DUBLIN Wives favourite Danielle Meagher yesterday blasted dull co-star Lisa Murphy, raging: "You're too boring for TV."

The TV3 star, known as Dr Botox, is annoyed the socialite refuses to show her true self on the show and keeps hiding her personality from the cameras.

And fiery cosmetic surgeon Danielle, 37, feels Lisa has just become "window dressing" to her and the other stars.

She told the Irish Mirror: "I think Lisa is so cautious and she's so guarded. She ends up sitting on the fence all the time while the rest of us have put our hearts and soul on to the show.

"I don't know what's going to happen between her and Gerald [ex-fiance Gerald Kean] but if she is with Jo and on her own, hopefully she'll take a leaf out of Jo's book and become more open.

"Maybe she won't be as open as Jo, but she needs to wear her heart on her sleeve. I think Lisa could have an awful amount to offer but if she was to get back with Gerald that seems to be the pull. But Lisa You want is perfectly capable of establishing her own character. She needs to put it out there.

"She has a heart of gold but you don't want to see someone sitting on the fence all the time. It's boring.

"You want to see her make some decisions and do something, she's just window dressing to the other four of us." And Danielle is annoyed Lisa has to wear full dresses and make-up when the cameras show up while decisions. she's relaxing at home.

But the Dermaface owner hopes not running back to celeb lawyer Gerald will help Lisa get stronger.

She said: "I think when Jo called over to her house and she was wearing a dress at three in the afternoon - it's all very guarded.

"The rest of us our heart is on our sleeves. We're just passionate people. And I just think she has so much to give.

"She talks herself about having her two big relationships and I think the best thing that could happen is if she's independent for a while."

Now Danielle is working on editing her spin-off show Diary Of A Botox Bitch in the hope of making it a full TV3 series - but she won't be inviting Lisa.

She added: "It's one thing being in front of the camera, it's another thing editing yourself. You'll always learn more about yourself in an editing suite."

You want of us." And Lisa and her to make some decisions. She is just she's But owner back Gerald stronger. window dressing DANIELLE MEAGHER She Jo called


GUARDED Z Lisa Murphy

ANNOYED J Danielle Meagher
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 11, 2013
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