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You're smarter for 10; Send in the clones. MARION MCMULLEN is seeing double following the birth of Britain's first cloned puppy.


Is this a shaggy dog story? Britain's first cloned dog, a tiny dachshund pup weighing just over one pound, was born in Seoul, South Korea, after Channel 4 ran a competition offering the winner the procedure free of charge.

Is cloning expensive to do? It cost PS60,000 to carry out the cloning, but leading expert Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, one of the UK's top stem cell scientists, says replicating pets is a ridiculous waste of money and "ethically very dubious."

How did it all begin? Researchers at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh produced Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult in 1996.

Cloning or bust? Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, who led the Dolly team, used a mammary gland cell to create the clone so the woolly arrival was named after country star Dolly Parton.

Where's Dolly now? The world's most famous sheep died in 2003 just before her seventh birthday. She can now be seen on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

Are they exact copies? Professor Lovell-Badge warns: "Apart from similarity in outward appearance, you would have about as much chance of replicating your pet by choosing one from Battersea Dogs' Home."

Is there much demand for it in that case? Korean company Sooam Biotech has already created more than 500 cloned dogs for owners around the world.

Any other cloned animals? There have been cloned fish, tadpoles, mice, pigs, cats and cattle and even a water buffalo.

Noori became the first successfully cloned Pashmina goat in 2012.

What about human clones? A long way off yet, but that hasn't stopped film-makers exploring the subject. Hitler was cloned in The Boys From Brazil, while an army of them featured in the Star Wars prequels.

How about super-sized cloning? Well, Jurassic Park had dinosaurs cloned from DNA. The blockbuster movie saw scientists use dino blood sucked by mosquitos that had become stuck in amber to bring the prehistoric giants back to life.


A human clone has yet to become a reality

Ruff copy... The world's first cloned dog, right, and Dolly the sheep and her namesake, left

Jurassic Park featured cloned dinosaurs - that didn't turn out so well...
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Apr 11, 2014
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