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You're all such a wonderful lot! Jordan Accardi Appeal + Jordan Accardi Appeal + Jordan Accardi Appeal + Jordan Accardi Appeal + Jordan Accardi Appeal.


THE family of little Jordan Accardi have said a massive thank you to the people of Coventry who have raised more than pounds 140,000 for his treatment.

Donations and fundraising events have swelled the funds to help pay for care for four-year-old Jordan, who has a rare form of cancer.

As Jordan prepared to jet off for treatment in America, a big group of fundraisers turned up to wish him well.

The life-saving treatment could give him a future - a future he may not have had without their, help, and help from Evening Telegraph readers.

His dad, Richard Accardi, aged 44, an insurance broker, said: "We have all been amazed by the warmth and love that people have shown towards Jordan.

"So many fundraisers have been held, we've barely been able to keep up, and it has all helped tremendously, so we want to say a massive thanks."

Jordan even celebrated his birthday early - playing with friends at a party at the Midland Sports Centre, in Cromwell Lane, Tile Hill.

He turns five on Wednesday but will be in the United States, so he was joined by all his pals for an extra-special early party.

Mr Accardi, of Cannon Park, said: "He loved it. He really had a great time, and at the moment he's in good spirits and looking well."

Jordan suffers from neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer affecting the nervous system.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, in New York, is the world's leading hospital for dealing with neuroblastoma.

Jordan underwent a six-hour operation at the Diana, Princess of Wales Children's Hospital, in Birmingham. in February to remove 95percent of the tumour from his chest.

Surgeons at the hospital said they could attempt to remove the remainder of the tumour.

But Mr Accardi said his son required antibody treatment to build up his immune system and it had to be instigated as soon as possible.

Surgeons in the UK said they could not do that.

So Jordan is going to New York to have the tumour removed and undergo chemotherapy and antibody treatment.

He would then require further treatment and not expect to get an all- clear for up to five years.

Mr Accardi said: "The chances of Jordan relapsing are very high.

"We would like to think that by possibly removing the tumour and giving him further antibody treatment, we are vastly improving his chances.

"The doctors and surgeons at Birmingham Children's Hospital did a fantastic job. We had planned to go to the United States anyway to have the antibody treatment carried out.

"We subsequently discovered they may also remove the remainder of the tumour and decided it was something we had to do now."

Jordan's mum Karen, aged 41, who said the family's home remained up for sale, said: "If there are no major complications and everything goes according to plan, Jordan should be out there for at least eight weeks.

"This is such a major part of our lives. We know what we need to do for Jordan and now, after everything that has been done, we just want to get him well."

We were only too pleased to do something

"Myself and my daughter, Abbie [a 14-year-old pupil at Bablake School] have taken part in the sponsored abseil and sung in all the Stars In Their Eyes shows. In the last show I was Carly Simon and Abbie performed a song from Les Miserables. We've also been up to places including Brandon greyhound stadium and West Orchards shopping centre, collecting money. It's been good fun and for a great cause."

Anna Bird, 47, of Faulconbridge Avenue, Eastern Green.

"I had been through similar stuff to Jordan and it was something that really touched my heart and I knew I wanted to help him. I swam 3 1/2 miles in the pool at Cardinal Newman School and raised pounds 320. Hopefully, he has enough money to get all the treatment he needs."

Nicola McIntrye, aged 11, of Bablake School, who was dubbed a "miracle toddler" when she was born nine weeks prematurely. She turned a test for her 5,000-metre swimming badge into a fundraiser for Jordan.

"I raised pounds 106 by abseiling off the side of the Britannia Hotel. It was really scary but I was determined to do it to raise the money. When I leant over the top you should have seen my face because I was white as a ghost, but it was a brilliant day."

Lee Begley, 11, a pupil at Woodlands School and Sports College, Broad Lane, Tile Hill.

"I 've compered Stars In Their Eyes-style fundraising nights and dressed up as everyone from Compo to a Scotsman in a kilt.

Everyone who has taken part has dressed up and it's been great the way everyone has joined in to help raise the money."

Gary Poyner, 43, of Fred Lee Grove, Styvechale, PR officer for the Coventry Entertainments Council.

"If I had a child in that position I would do all I could to help - and I saw this situation as being no different. The response from people has been wonderful. We've had so many superb donations and it has been such a great effort by everyone."

Jacqui Jordan, 43, of Four Pounds Avenue, Chapelfields, fundraising co- ordinator for the Jordan Accardi Appeal.

How the money has mounted up over the months

A HOST of fundraising events has taken place across the city over the past months, raising cash for Jordan.

Below, is just a selection.

PC Kerry Donnelly, aged 26, based at Little Park Street police station, raised more than pounds 1,000 with a parachute jump.

My Little Stars nursery, in Jobs Lane, Tile Hill, raised pounds 200 last month with a party marking its first birthday.

A total of 39 people raised pounds 5,000 by abseiling down the side of the Britannia Hotel, in Fairfax Street, city centre.

Wide-eyed pupils in form 4b at Bablake School, Coundon Road, Radford, raised pounds 1,750 by staying awake for 24 hours.

Jordan and his family raised pounds 750 by taking part in the Coventry fun run, starting and finishing at the War Memorial Park, in June.

Forthcoming events include:

A UB40 tribute night at Bell Green Working Men's Club, in Roseberry Avenue, from 8pm this Sunday. Tickets, priced pounds 2, are available from the club, or phone entertainments secretary William Shanks on 07746 455 418.

A karaoke night in the social club at Little Park Street police station, at 7.30pm on Saturday, September 17. For tickets, priced pounds 5, phone Jacqui Jordan on 07788 142 515.

A day trip to Blackpool on Saturday, October 22, by Harrington's Coaches, in Bedworth, leaves from the Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre, in Fairfax Street. Tickets cost pounds 15 for adults; pounds 10 children. Phone Mrs Jordan for information.

oDonate to the Jordan Accardi Savings Fund at Lloyds TSB (sort code 309233, account number 1725868). Or phone 07743 194712.

Jordan's treatment

HERE is Jordan's diary of treatment since he was diagnosed in November.

November 1, 2004: Diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the Diana, Princess of Wales Children's Hospital.

November 2004 to February 2005: Undergoes chemotherapy.

February: Undergoes six-hour operation resulting in 95 per cent of tumour being removed.

February to March: Spends four weeks at hospital undergoing high-dose chemotherapy.

May 25: Started radiotherapy.

June 13: Completed radiotherapy.


ALL SET TO GO: Jordan with his mum Karen, dad Richard and brother Lawrence. Picture: JOE BAILEY WE'VE DONE IT: Jordan Accardi with his mum and dad and a few of the many people who took the time to help raise funds to enable the youngster to fly off to New York for life-saving cancer treatment. Picture: JAMES BALFOUR
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