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Yolen, Jane. Boots and the seven leaguers; a rock-and-troll novel.

Harcourt. 159p. c2000. 0-15-202563-4. $5.95. J

Gog and Pook's favorite band is coming home to play. All they want is tickets to the concert, but tickets are hard to come by when you don't have any money. The teen troll and his Pookah friend hatch a plan to get them in--they will be roadies for the band. Never mind that they aren't yet full grown and as strong as they will be as adults; Pook will cast a glamour spell on them to make them look like they are full-grown trolls. The plan is working when they discover that Magog, Gog's kid brother, who has bribed his way into their scheme, has been kidnapped. All thoughts of the concert now pushed aside, they hunt for the little brother, even when the trail leads to the New Forest, where the scary White Wyrm lives. All of their young lives they have been told tales of the Wyrm, how it eats young trolls and pookahs alive. Frightened, but determined, Gog is helped by various citizens of the forest and finds his brother. The Huntsman, who has in his possession the only known pair of seven league boots, stolen from the fairy museum, holds Magog captive. Solving this crime and returning the boots wins the boys acclaim and front row seats to an "unplugged" special concert at the museum.

Jane Yolen has once again written a story that is engaging and timeless. Family loyalty is foremost, even if you are among the troll family. Die-hard rock fans can identify with Gog, as can fans of fantasy. Easily readable and with a different take on trolls, I'd recommend this book to any library. Stacey Conrad, Reading Teacher, Palmyra, MO
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Author:Conrad, Stacey
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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