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Yogurt for diarrhea.

A daily serving of yogurt reduces the incidence and duration of antibiotic-associated diarrhea, reported Dr. Ripudaman S. Beniwal of Indiana University, Indianapolis, and associates.

In the first randomized, controlled trial of yogurt to prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea in an acute care setting, patients consumed 227 g (8 oz) of vanilla-flavored yogurt with active cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, and Streptococcus thermophilus twice daily for a mean of 6.6 days. After a mean follow-up of about 7.5 days, a significantly lower percentage of patients who ate yogurt had diarrhea (13 of 105, 12.4%), compared with control patients (23 of 97, 23.7%). Among the patients who developed diarrhea, the yogurt group had significantly fewer total days with diarrhea, compared with the control group (23 vs. 60 days). Yogurt has its effects by either maintaining the normal intestinal microflora that are otherwise reduced by antibiotics, or enhancing the host immune response, the investigators suggested (Dig. Dis. Sci. 48[10]:2077-82, 2003).
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Title Annotation:Clinical Capsules
Author:Evans, Jeff
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Date:Dec 15, 2003
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