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Yogurt - Nutritional and Health Properties.

This book forms the Proceedings of an international conference on Health Attributes of Live Culture Yogurt that was held in New York in May 1989. Like the event itself, the text divides into three sections that are entitled: Yogurt definitions and standards around the world; Impact of biotechnology; and Nutritional basis for health attributes - new concepts.

Speakers, and indeed the delegates, came from several countries. The delegates listened to papers entitled; Yogurt and the regulatory challenge in the US - current and future; Essential characteristics of yogurt and its regulation around the world; Impact of biotechnology on the production and composition of yogurt; Pathway engineering of Lactobacillus bulgaricus for improved yogurt; Bacteriophage resistance and its applications to yogurt flora; Biotechnology and natural flavours for yogurt; Research on new sweeteners and fat substitutes; Transformation of milk components during yogurt fermentation; Health properties of yogurt; Modulation of antibiosis by Lactobacilli and yogurt and its beneficial significance; Effect of yogurt bacteria on enteric pathogens; Bioavailability of calcium and magnesium; Stimulation of non specific immune response of mice by fermented milks; Modulation of immune activities in humans and animals by dietary lactic acid bacteria; Lactose intolerance - dietary management with yogurt; The role of diet in the causation and prevention of cancer; and Validation of health attributes of yogurt.

With the recent growth in consumption of yogurt in certain countries in the Western World it is essential to understand whether the average yogurt has healthy attributes or is merely another dessert product; clearly the plainer ones are better for you in that respect but the more recent introduction of yogurts with live cultures has meant a new line has to be taken with regard to their health-giving properties. Scientists working in this field have worked hard to produce evidence to satisfy the health lobby amongst consumers. At the time of the conference the subject was very topical but the papers given are no less important now because of the continuing interest in yogurt and its consumption. Here is a text that is fully informative and gives much scientific background about this whole subject.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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