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Yoga for Amputees.

Yoga for Amputees

Marsha Therese Danzig

Sacred Oak Publishing

9780974485843, $39.95, PB, 446pp,

Synopsis: Written specifically for those who have lost a limb, "Yoga for Amputees: The Essential Guide to Finding Wholeness after Lim Loss for Yoga Students and their Teachers" shows how they can successfully engage in powerful yoga practices to build balance, strength, confidence and body awareness.

Readers will learn how to adapt their yoga activities to their own particular individual level of limb loss. How to reduce pain and stress due to limb loss. How to ignite their life with inner and outer transformation. How yoga instructors can their amputee clients to better health and well-being in a clinic or rehabilitation hospital setting.

Yoga offers amputees the flexibility, strength and stamina they are seeking, while also providing emotional, mental and spiritual well-being to help amputees of all levels thrive in life. Featuring step by step poses modeled by fellow amputees, with detailed adaptations for leg and arm amputees, as well as yoga tools specific to amputee challenges, such as yoga for phantom pain, "Yoga for Amputees" is a comprehensive guide for both amputees and the people who work with them.

Critique: Simply stated, exceptionally well organized and presented, "Yoga for Amputees" is an essential instruction guide and manual for any amputee wanting to reclaim their health and wellness after limb loss or anyone working in rehabilitation who wants to add yoga to their patient care plan, such as prosthetists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, kinesiologists and physicians.

Editorial Note: Marsha Therese Danzig is a pioneer in the fields of yoga and wellness. She is the founder of Y4A: Yoga for Amputees. Given death rites at the age of five, she survived Ewing's sarcoma, a bone cancer, leg amputation, kidney failure, kidney transplant and heart issues. As an author, speaker, lifelong dancer and yoga specialist she has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Yoga Journal, and Oprah Magazine. Here website is

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Title Annotation:Yoga for Amputees: The Essential Guide to Finding Wholeness After Limb Loss for Yoga Students and Their Teachers
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2019
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