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Yo, dude! Check out my space.

How we decorate our space says a lot about us. Whether we're formal, laid-back, or whimsical, our surroundings are a reflection of ourselves. For more than four decades, we've been making statements with Lava Lamps from Lava World International, Elmhurst, Ill. Some we've hung onto since our college days, not quite ready to let go (at least in our minds) of the carefree lifestyle and freedom we once enjoyed; others we've picked up for nostalgic reasons or to present to our own children. Recently--though the shapes remain unmistakable--our old favorites have taken on some new personas.

The Lavagami ($29.95) is a paper-lantern style floor lamp that stands four feet tall and takes two 40-watt bulbs. The Faux Hair ($9.99-$14.99), with its colorful fuzz, ranges from 10" to 14" tall and includes a 15-watt bulb. Both come in a variety of colors. The Lava Aurora ($19.99), at 14 1/2" with a blue base and cap, features multiple colors swirling within the globe.

Then we have the portable power of Lava. Standing just 6" tall and retailing at less than $9 each, these mini-Lavas come in the form of USB-powered Keyboard Vacuums, with standard and bristle attachments and USB Fans with an adjustable neck for optimal cooling. There also are Flashlights with three super-bright LEDs, Personal Massagers to help relieve stress and muscle tension, and battery-operated fans.

You'll never misplace your keys again if you attach them to a Glitter Key Chain ($3.99). The 3"-tall LED light phases multiple colors through the glitter when the base is twisted. With the LED Flash Light Key Chain ($3.99), holding the button at the base reflects the light through the glitter globe and out the top of the 3" lamp. No more fumbling in the dark to get the key in the lock.

Lava also has a nice selection of holiday-themed End Ups ($7.99). This battery-operated lighted series comes in a variety of colors and features candy canes or Christmas trees in the glitter-filled globe. Just tip to turn on and they shut off after 2 1/2 minutes. The Lighted Series End Ups come with three additional button cell batteries. For the tree itself, try the festive 3" ornament, also filled with glitter and a candy cane or tree. With a twist, the colors phase continually until twisted off again. "Christmas 2006" is imprinted on the base of both of these collectibles.

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Title Annotation:WHAT'S NEW? Holiday Gift Guide; Lava World International offers lava lamps
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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