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Ying-yang twins.

STOPPER CREW KICKING IT on the roof of the Montrose Hotel in Beverly Hills by the pool and relaxing. Joe, the Ying Yang Twins' manager, walks over and asks us if we want to come down to see some hot naked Playboy chicks while we wait. We rushed down to room 218 where Buckwild TV was in full effect and off the chain. The Twins were kicking it on the couch wiling out, getting krunk with a gang of hot black models in thongs and Manolos, massaging their titties and shaking their booties to "Salt Shaker." I grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose, the OJ, a cheese sandwich, a handful of Kush, rolled an L and joined the party. The Twins yelled at me, "Don't be scurrr'd, Dennis!" What happened next was XXX rated, too krunk and too hardcore for print. Especially as the Twins just dropped a new record with Britney Spears ... Now I know Britney's mama ain't ready for this real south.

This is a cracking TV show. Music videos should be like this.

Well, this Ying Yang shit ain't for everyone. This shit is powerful magic, 'cause for every Ying there is a Yang. Damn, you got ya hat to the back?

Is that big in Atlanta?

No, it mean you cool. You got yo pants sagging, showing yo drawers. You is cool. You is Dennis the Menace.

So what's up with the new album?

Well, we got the new album in stores now. Me and My Brother. If you ain't got it you need to go and get it 'cause the album is like this party--off the chain. Now let me tell you whom we got on it. We got Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys on the album--we got Trick Daddy on the album, Killer Mike, Bone Crusher, Cool Joe Good, and Hitman Sammy Sara. He's been around since rap jumped off on the East Coast with Nucleus. KT from the Hot Boys, and we got Done U from Jamaica on the album. We put in our work from day one, so we trying to get our recognition in now. We going to fake it 'til we make it. Atlanta is open minded to all music so we put that together and we made a chemistry that is so unstoppable. You got hundreds of artists out there trying to come up everywhere. They all know you got to give 100-percent, but really you got to give a 110-percent. You got to go the extra mile to make a real difference. You can't be a dummy in this game--you got to know the artist is the last person to get paid. You don't get nothing for free; you got to put the work in. A lot of people think you get a free tide in the music industry. No, this money don't come for free. There's the business part of this industry you got to deal with.

You cats and Lil Jon are killing it with the krunk party bangas. "Get Low" was the biggest club track of the year?

Okay, I'm going to speak on this. Since 1998 the So So Def based All Stars Three. Lil Jon gave us our break on that, and since that he been on every Ying Yang album that came out. You check all our albums and Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys is on all of them albums. We all a big family. Lil Jon is the ambassador of krunk. Atlanta people just krunk, period. Which just means we like to party. Lil Jon is the sole representative of krunk and all we want to do is spread love and joy with it.

I would say Atlanta is the capital city for hip-hop, replacing NY.

Atlanta got everything; it's the best city in Georgia. But the South has always, always been club music and always had hip-hop club music. It's always been in the clubs, and that's why no one ever heard of it. That's why the world didn't know about the South having a hip-hop scene, because it was always about parties, always been freestyle. The South is on the rise. We doing things in the South that no one thinks the South would ever do. Hello? Let me ask you, how long was it into the game before people realized the South finally had a hip-hop scene? A long ass time. People tell us that we rep the people of Atlanta more than any other artist.

What's next for the Ying Yang Twins?

Ying Yang the same--we always drop hits because we know 150 ways to make a young lady shake her ass. When we drop a track, the reason people are wiling out is because it's something they feel. We young so that's an advantage we got. And we got soul. I can do without all the media hype and the crowds as long as I got the love of my people everyday.


To everyone in on the whole planet. We are our fans' number one fan. Let me just repeat that for y'all to register. We are our fans' number one fan. Without them there wouldn't be Ying Yang. We love everybody.
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Author:X, Aki
Date:May 1, 2004
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