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YieldUP International to be Opening Session Speaker at 16th Annual Semiconductor Pure Water and Chemicals Conference -- SPWCC --.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 28, 1997--

YieldUP International to give opening session paper at SPWCC on

their new patented technology for producing particle-free DI water

down to 0.065 microns

YieldUP International Corporation (NASDAQ: YILD, YILDU, YILDW, YILDZ) today announced that Raj Mohindra, President and CEO of YieldUP International and Werner Kern, President of Werner Kern Associates will present a ground breaking paper titled "Revolutionary New Process for Producing Particle-Free DI Water Down to 0.065 Microns" at the opening session of the 16th annual Semiconductor Pure Water and Chemicals Conference sponsored by Balazs Analytical Laboratories, March 3-6 in Santa Clara, California. The paper is based on YieldUP's patent (U.S. patent no. 5,542,441) for its CleanPOINT(TM) particle removal system, a major component of its Omega(TM) line of cleaning, rinsing and drying equipment for the semiconductor, disk and flat panel industries.

CleanPOINT is an innovative water filtration method based on the principle of electrostatic attraction. Using charged filters in series, the CleanPOINT removes microscopic particles down to sizes less than 0.1 micron. The removal of microscopic particle contamination is critical for economic production of today's integrated circuits and to development of tomorrow's advanced semiconductor products.

The electrostatic filter techniques used in the CleanPOINT achieve significant particle reductions and unlike conventional filters do so with only a small drop in pressure across the filter. In fact, the smaller the size of the charged particle in deionized (DI) water, the easier it is for the CleanPOINT to remove it. Fine particles in DI water include bacteria, yeast, suspended solids, virus, colloidal silica, pyrogens, enzymes, colloids and other charged particles. The CleanPOINT technology is a very effective point-of-use water cleaning methodology for the removal of these particles. Moreover, CleanPOINT can reduce the need for expensive distribution systems required to transport clean water from the main system filters to the locations in the semiconductor manufacturing facility where the water is used.

"We greatly appreciate the opportunity to present this revolutionary technique for producing particle-free DI water to the technical community. We are also very pleased that Werner Kern, the leading semiconductor cleaning expert and author of the `Handbook of Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Technology' will be able to co-present this paper with us at the SPWCC," commented Raj Mohindra, President of YieldUP International.

"Elimination of particle contamination is the most important factor in improving semiconductor yields today and in the future. CleanPOINT could well be the foundation for obtaining high yields for technologies below 0.35 micron," Mr. Mohindra added.

YieldUP International, founded in 1993, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative cleaning, rinsing, and drying equipment designed to enable new processes and to improve manufacturing yields in semiconductor and other defect sensitive industries. The Company completed its initial public offering in November 1995.


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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 28, 1997
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