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Yes, things can still get worse.

PART of the answer to Robert Keogh's letter (11/07/16) was in the letter from Andy McDonald printed just below it. The Tories' policies are responsible for the muchincreased hardship in deprived areas, cutting savagely to try to reduce the deficit quickly, in spite of warnings. It is clear that many people voted simply for a change, against the Establishment, supposing that things could not get much worse. Oh yes they can!

Considered nationally, immigrants form a very small proportion of the country's population, though some regional problems need to be addressed. As a group, foreignborn people contribute easily more than they cost in benefit - to say nothing of their enriching our culture. Most people in the world prefer to stay in their native lands: how many of us have moved to sunny Spain since the borders opened? Closing the border is not the answer.

Our country is relatively rich overall, and our economy is the second-biggest in the EU. t is only to be expected that we should help to support weaker nations for the common good. The gap between rich and poor here is a separate question.

The rest of the answer to Mr Keogh consists of the glaring untruths peddled by the Leave campaign. PS350 million a week for the NHS? Oh no, we didn't mean it! No trade barriers, but still controlled borders? Oh, we're not so sure! Mr Farage's poster of Syrian refugees, published just before the vote, was a cynical distortion of truth.

Many organisations have constitutions which demand a two-thirds majority for a substantial change. The "Leave" vote was little more than one third of the electorate. Even if we stick with 50-50, it clearly would take only some of these factors to give a 2 per cent swing. The result is invalid through misinformation, and should be dismissed.

John Roy Stoke Coventry

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 16, 2016
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