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Yeo Valley thinks big for the ice cream season.

YEO Valley Organic is thinking big for the 2005 ice cream season and launching two new printed 1 litre plastic pots for its Organic Vanilla Ice Cream and Frozen Strawberry Yogurt.

Retailing at 2.9g [pounds sterling] a unit they offer excellent value for money and are aimed at the everyday indulgent sector of the 283m [pounds sterling] take-home market, which currently scoops a third of the sales and is the fastest moving portion, with turnover in 2004 up 6.4%. Over the same period organic products grew even more swiftly, up by 38% year on year.

Says Yeo Valley's Marketing Director, Ben Cull: "There are three clear trends in take home ice cream towards large packs, luxury products and the fresh taste of natural, organic recipes.

"Some brands hit one target, others hit two, but we score on all three. We've designed the new packaging to help us stand out more strongly in the ice cream fixture, se this year it will be even easier for people to find our branding.

"In the past we've been seen more as a wholesome than a luxury brand," added Ben Cull, "but we are aiming to alter that perception with our new packaging.

"Our recipes already stand comparison with any other premium quality brand, now our packaging is going to work harder for us and reflect our premium quality position more strongly as well, with the Vanilla recipe positioned as a rich, creamy dessert, and our Frozen Strawberry Yogurt as a delicious, low-fat, healthier alternative to normal ice cream."

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Comment:Yeo Valley thinks big for the ice cream season.(new products)
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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