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Yellowknife wants oilsands water protection.

The North West Territories is putting pressure on Alberta to clean-up their act when it comes to water use in oilsands operations. The Northwest Territories Association of Communities, which represents all 33 communities, including some First Nation groups, is calling for a halt to approvals of new oilsands projects until a bilateral agreement ensures water flowing into N.W.T. is uncontaminated and unimpeded. Water that passes the oil-sands eventually flows to Great Slave Lake which is already polluted by the local mining industry. Health concerns are a worry, along with impact on hunting, trapping and tourism according to Yellowknife city councilor, Kevin Kennedy. "We hope to appeal to the people of Alberta, we hope they will be good neighbours," said Kennedy.

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Title Annotation:ALBERTA NEWS
Author:Narine, Shari
Publication:Alberta Sweetgrass
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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