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Yee, Lisa. The Kidney Hypothetical, or How to Ruin Your Life in Seven Days.

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Yee, Lisa. The Kidney Hypothetical, or How to Ruin Your Life in Seven Days. Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, 2015. 272p. $17.99. 9780-545-23094-0.

Higgs Boson Bing has everything he could hope for--an early acceptance to Harvard, a popular girlfriend--and he is a shoo-in for the Senior of the Year award. He has everything his parents want for him. A week away from graduation, bits and pieces of Higgs's life start to unravel, starting when his girlfriend asks him if he would give her one of his kidneys--the "kidney hypothetical." Higgs does not answer the hypothetical, which ends his two-year relationship on the spot; before the end of the day, he is hated by every girl in school. The next day, Higgs finds that his Senior of the Year campaign posters are replaced by posters calling him Dinky Dick--a joke that follows Higgs throughout the week. Then there is an anonymous phone call to Harvard, calling into question the validity of his application. It all becomes too much for Higgs, until he meets a girl living in the woods. She calls herself Monarch and seems to have all of the freedom Higgs does not. As Higgs's life unravels, Monarch helps him put things back together and become who he really wants to be. But Monarch has a few secrets of her own, and Higgs is far too wrapped up in his own problems to see who she really is.

This funny, quick read hides a depth that readers will not see coming. Yee creates a memorable character in Higgs as someone to both love and hate, and the story is fast paced, with plenty of twists that will keep readers smiling all the way through. This is a delightful read for high school students who have felt the pressure to be someone they are not.--Stacy Holbrook.

With quick, conceivable sequences of events, The Kidney Hypothetical holds readers' interest and provides light entertainment. Chronicling the last seven days of a senior's high school career sounds like a straightforward novel, but Yee manages to do it with several surprising plot twists and exciting escapades. Due to the relatively simple yet engaging writing style, girls in high school who favor realistic fiction are sure to be interested in The Kidney Hypothetical. 4Q, 4P.--Victoria Quint, Teen Reviewer.

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Author:Holbrook, Stacy; Quint, Victoria
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2015
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