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Years ahead on OKC cover-up: the Associated Press has recently reported some of the OKC bombing evidence The New American first brought to light many years earlier. (At a Glance).

On February 12th, many of the nation's newspapers carried an Associated Press story by John Solomon stating: "Two federal law enforcement agencies had information before the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing suggesting that white supremacists living nearby were considering an attack on government buildings, but the intelligence was never passed on to federal officials in the state, documents and interviews show." Over the next couple of days, the AP also released a number of similar stories providing additional details.

The AP's "revelation" about federal foreknowledge was not news to THE NEW AMERICAN'S regular readers. This magazine has investigated the OKC bombing case since day one and has published a series of important articles on the subject, almost all of them by senior editor William F. Jasper. Early in our investigation, in the December 11, 1995 issue (left), we stated that powerful evidence exists that federal agents were not surprised" by the bombing. Additional evidence pointing to prior knowledge was published in subsequent issues. Yet the major media spiked the story.

The AP reported in February that federal officials were "concerned that white separatists at the Elohim City compound in Muldrow, Okla., might lash out on April 19, 1995, the day Timothy McVeigh did choose...." The wire service also stated that "the FBI connected McVeigh to Elohim City through hotel receipts, a speeding ticket, prisoner interviews, informant reports and phone records...." in fact, according to the AP, the ATF "had an informant inside Elohim City who disclosed before the bombing that white supremacists were 'preparing for a war against U.S. government.'"

That informant, Carol Howe, was the subject of a September 15, 1997 cover story in THE NEW AMERICAN. "Carol Howe gave federal agents prior knowledge of the Oklahoma bombing," we said at the time. "You'll be shocked at their response." And Howe's name first appeared in TNA months earlier, in our March 17, 1997 issue.

The McVeigh-Elohim City connection was discussed in these pages earlier still, in a June 24, 1996 cover story entitled "More Pieces to the OKC Puzzle." That groundbreaking article examined the speeding ticket and phone calls AP recently cited, connecting McVeigh to Elohim City. And that connection, as TNA has repeatedly reported, is just part of the massive amount of evidence pointing to bombing co-conspirators whom federal investigators have, thus far, allowed to get away with murder.

A February AP report noted that "in the days before [Elohim City hero Wayne Snell] was executed for a 1980s murder of a pawn broker, Snell began making threats from his Arkansas prison that there would be a bombing or explosion on April 19 to avenge his death, according to prison and FBI officials." THE NEW AMERICAN first reported that "coincidence" in its June 24, 1996 cover story--more than six years ago!

The AP stated that "though ATF agents had reports of dramatic threats [by Elohim City members] against the government, they focused their investigation on making a gun violation case against a German citizen there, documents show." But the AP did not mention this German national's name, or evidence tying him to McVeigh. His name is Andreas Strassmeir. TNA not only examined the evidence regarding Strassmeir in its June 24, 1996 cover story but showed him on the cover, next to a separate photograph of McVeigh.

And the AP recently reported that McVeigh might have been tied to a group of Aryan Nations bank robbers. TNA was again way ahead of the pack by reporting that story in its March 31, 1997 issue in an article entitled "Elohim, Terror, and Truth."

The AP quoted Robert Sanders, "who served as the ATF's No. 2 official in the 1980s and later reviewed documents on behalf of the Oklahoma City informant [Carol Howe]," as saying: "They certainly should have taken some action. You had reliable information from a reliable informant." According to the AP, "Sanders said the whole case suffered from the same miscommunications and missed signs seen before Sept. 11. 'It is the lack of coordination, intelligence going one way, and then going into a black hole,' he said."

The AP also quoted Dan Defenbaugh, "the retired FBI agent who supervised the Oklahoma City bombing investigation," as saying: "The biggest problem is we don't know what we know. I blame most of it on antiquated computers inside the bureau, which can't find information we need to have for investigations."

Say again? What about the obvious cover-up? Time and again THE NEW AMERICAN has charged that federal officials are hiding the truth regarding the OKC bombing. Recent admissions seem to confirm our long-held position. Yet the February AP articles did not even raise the issue of cover-up.

Pointing to evidence of federal foreknowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing and an OKC bombing-McVeigh-Elohim City connection, the recent AP stories have thus far entailed only a subset of the much larger body of evidence uncovered and reported years earlier by THE NEW AMERICAN. That evidence also points to multiple John Does, multiple bombs, and a Mideast connection.

If the AP follows the trail it has recently embarked upon, it should "discover" the same evidence, and perhaps more. Consider, for example, Elohim City. One of the members of that hate community was Dennis Mahon. As we reported in a September 14, 1998 article entitled "OKC's Mideast Connection": "The Marxism-spouting Mahon ... boasts of his connections to Saddam Hussein's intelligence service and admits to having been in its pay, beginning during the Persian Gulf War, when he organized several rallies for Iraq.

We went much further than this, however, reporting repeatedly on developing evidence concerning the involvement of Iraqi nationals with Timothy McVeigh and his coconspirator Terry Nichols. We reported as early as September of 1995 on Nichols' mysterious trips to the Philippines and his possible connections to the Abu Sayyaf terrorists. We subsequently reported on the sworn testimony of witnesses linking Nichols to those terrorists.

THE NEW AMERICAN encourages readers to review some of our past reports on the Oklahoma City bombing, to bring those reports to the attention of others, and to ask our U.S. senators and representatives to investigate the OKC bombing as well as the 9-11 terrorist attacks. In fact, additional evidence previously published by THE NEW AMERICAN suggests that 9-11 was OKC all over again, but on a tragically larger scale.

Many of our OKC articles are available on our website:

We will continue to do everything in our power to uncover the truth, both to obtain justice for past victims and to prevent future terrorist attacks like the OKC bombing or 9-11. However, justice will only be served if Americans insist that their elected officials implement the needed policy changes.
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