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Articles from Yearbook of English Studies (January 1, 2006)

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'But algates therby was she understonde': translating Custance in Chaucer's Man of Law's Tale. Cooper, Christine F. Critical essay 6735
'Geldshark Ares god of war': ideology and time in literary translation. Jones, Francis R. Brief article 105
'In her father's steps she trod': Anne Thackeray Ritchie imagining Paris. Jay, Elisabeth 8761
'Lovers and philosophers at once': aesthetic platonism in the Victorian Fin de Siecle. Evangelista, Stefano 8509
'Murmurs in the cathedral': the impact of translations from Greek poetry and drama on modern work in English by Michael Longley and Seamus Heaney. Hardwick, Lorna 98
'The burden of ourselves': Arnold as a post-Romantic poet. O'Neill, Michael 8678
'Who wants authority?' Ruskin as a dissenter. Birch, Dinah 7578
Alfred Tennyson: problems of biography. Batchelor, John 9128
Ancient or modern, Ancient and Modern: the Victorian hymn and the nineteenth century. Watson, J.R. 8446
Approximation, suggestion, and analogy: translating pain into language. Bending, Lucy Critical essay 3943
Between heaven and hell: Shakespearian translation, adaptation, and criticism from a historical perspective. Hoenselaars, Ton Critical essay 8055
Browning's painters. Lerner, Laurence Critical essay 7042
Charlotte Lennox's the female Quixote into Spanish: a gender-biased translation. Lorenzo-Modia, Maria Jesus Critical essay 6752
Chesterton and Evil. Bergonzi, Bernard Book review 719
Clough's difficulties. O'Gorman, Francis 7722
Colonial Strangers: Women Writing the End of the British Empire. Hammill, Faye Book review 656
Cosmopolitan Vistas: American Regionalism and Literary Value. Castillo, Susan Book review 691
Dante and the Romatics. Tambling, Jeremy Book review 665
Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the old masters. Ormond, Leonee Critical essay 8721
De cette triste plume tatonnante: Henry James and 'the task of the translator'. Bradbury, Nicola Critical essay 3396
De Quicey's Gothic Masquerade. Waithe, Marcus Book review 658
Dickens and the idea of the comic novel. Sanders, Andrew Critical essay 8231
Editor's preface. Batchelor, John 2049
English Guarini: recognition and reception. Lyne, Raphael Critical essay 6669
Friendship's Bonds: Democracy and the Novel in Victorian England. Sanders, Valerie Book review 610
George Eliot and the idea of travel. Rignall, John Critical essay 8176
Girls on film: postmodern renderings of Jane Austen and Henry James. Despotopoulou, Anna Critical essay 8699
Linguistic fragmentation and redemption before King Alfred. Stanton, Robert 8813
Making mention of Aesop: Henryson's fable of the two mice. Rudd, Gillian 6693
On being second-rate: the Skeleton Art of Thomas Lovell Beddoes. Karlin, Daniel 9520
Quarrels and coteries in the 1890s. Sloan, John 7237
Reflections in Shakespeare translation. Morse, Ruth Critical essay 5488
Refusing translation: the Gregorian calendar and early modern English writers. Prescott, Anne Lake 6205
Retexts: a review article. Smith, Christopher 2298
Revising the Late Victorian and Early Modernist Canon: A review article. Thomas, Jane Book review 2352
Romantic Biography. Bainbridge, Simon Book review 715
Swinburne's spasms: Poems and Ballads and the 'Spasmodic School'. Blair, Kirstie 8527
The Bakhtin circle and translation. Zbinden, Karine Brief article 107
The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the First World War. Brassard, Genevieve Book review 612
The Effective Protagonist in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel: Scott, Bronte, Eliot, Wilde. Waithe, Marcus Book review 718
The Ethics of Mourning: Grief and Responsibility in Elegiac Literature. Wheeler, Michael Book review 629
The laws of hospitality: liberty, generosity, and the limits of dissent in William Morris's the Tables Turned and News from Nowhere. Waithe, Marcus Critical essay 10214
The Romantic Period: The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature 1789-1830. Hiatt, Megan Book review 648
The trouble with comfort: Christina Rossetti, John Ruskin, and Leafy Emotion. Mason, Emma 6256
The Uncollected Letters of Algernon Charles Swinburne. Maxwell, Catherine Book review 1324
The Victorian sonnet, from George Meredith to Gerard Manley Hopkins. Regan, Stephen Critical essay 9394
Trans-formal translation: plays into ballets, with special reference to Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet. Edgecombe, Rodney Stenning Critical essay 7883
Translating between cultures: a Kristevan reading of the theme of the foreigner in some twentieth-century novels by Irish Women. Ingman, Heather Critical essay 138
Translation and criticism: the stylistic mirror. Turner, Allan Brief article 97
Virginia Woolf: translation and 'iterability'. Dalgarno, Emily Critical essay 98

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