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Year 2000 Wire/Pinnacle Decision Systems Names Lorac, Inc., Voyage 2000 to Partner Program; Company Officials Say Year2000 Resolution Requires Local Presence for Sales, Support.

MIDDLETOWN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 6, 1999--Citing increasing awareness of the urgency of resolving the year2000 computer problem, Pinnacle Decision Systems has added two new members to the company's partner program. Lorac, Inc., of Springfield, Virginia, and Voyage 2000 of Crystal River, Florida, are the latest to formalize a marketing relationship for PinnPoint Plus, the year2000 solution for FOCUS.

Pinnacle Decision Systems, a leading professional services and software development company, provides the only independent y2k solution for the Focus fourth-generation language (4GL). Its partner program was initiated in the Fall of 1998 as a means of extending the marketing and support of PinnPoint, by creating a win-win situation with consulting and reseller organizations around the country. The program entails product discounts, joint promotions, training, and technical and marketing support.

Lorac, Inc., the first company to be named a PinnPoint reseller, provides a wide range of systems development and integration services, including full lifecycle development, project management and consulting on a multitude of mainframe and PC systems including Focus. They are specialists in y2k compliance and conversion.

Voyage 2000, a referral partner, provides legacy conversion and software package integration services. Its y2k remediation efforts are performed by cohesive "SWAT teams", comprising computer professionals who have worked together in design, coding and implementation of mainframe, Windows NT, and Unix systems. Focus itself is a product of Information Builders Inc.

Dick Wheeler, vice president of Voyage 2000, commented that many Focus systems have been developed outside the realm of centralized IT departments, and therefore "nobody is claiming responsibility for them. They have not been maintained. Focus is like a lost boy out there; some of these systems have been ignored because nobody knew they existed."

But that's changing fast, Wheeler said, adding, "I don't understand how anybody could try to do this without a tool like PinnPoint."

Likewise, Lorac, Inc. is committed both to Focus and to the PinnPoint software family. Lorac, Inc. President Carol Geargeoura said, "As a complete solutions provider, we require robust, reliable tools for every aspect of our business, and we've found that in PinnPoint. For Focus, PinnPoint Plus is the only tool that addresses all the aspects of y2k remediation, from planning, identification, analysis, remediation planning, testing, and re- implementation."

Lorac, Inc. has been working with Focus for the past 15 years, Geargeoura said, and in fact is deepening its commitment to the 4GL by joining Information Builders Inc., of New York, as an InfoElite partner, and reseller, to market its suite of Focus solutions.

The Nature of the Problem

Many large business systems are written by centralized programming staffs, which are now hurrying to remedy their corporate systems. Many of these systems are 30 years old, and are requiring a tremendous amount of resources and attention.

While year2000 solutions abound for languages used by technicians in central programming departments, Pinnacle's area of emphasis is the Focus language, which tends to be usable by departmental users such as business analysts, accountants, insurance actuaries, etc. Although these business people often developed Focus-based systems without the assistance of corporate programming departments, they are frequently at a loss as to how to resolve the year2000 problem.

Pinnacle Decision Systems has developed a software product, PinnPoint Plus, that specifically addresses Focus systems. Stephen Brown, CEO at Pinnacle, said, "Many users have neither the understanding of the extent of their y2k problem nor the resources to resolve it. That's why we established the partner program, to provide local expertise to these customers."

Since each partner is different, Pinnacle has developed several different programs to best meet the needs of the participating companies. The program elements vary in accordance with the needs of individual partners, and include a rich assortment of marketing and technical elements, such as: advertising; joint mailings; teaming for participation in tradeshows and local Focus user group meetings; a presence on Pinnacle's web site and links to those of partners; links to independent y2k sites; and both online and telephone support. Partners' own marketing initiatives may also include use of the Pinnacle logo.

Established in 1986, Pinnacle Decision Systems, Inc. is a privately held professional services and software development company that provides complete, creative solutions for information management needs. The company has two major divisions, which use the latest technologies to design and develop information systems, including client/server, Internet, and data warehousing applications. The Consulting Division creates custom solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, universities, and government agencies; the Software Development Division designs, develops and markets software products, including the PinnPoint family, the only independent year2000 solution for users of the Focus language.

Based in Middletown, Connecticut, the company also has regional offices in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, and an expanding global presence.

PinnPoint, PinnPoint Plus, and Pinnacle Decision Systems are trademarks of Pinnacle Decision Systems. All other marks are the property of their respective owners, and are used for identification purposes only.
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Date:Apr 6, 1999
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