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Yasser Arafat's goodwill gesture.

PALESTINIAN leader Yasser Arafat yesterday donated blood for the victims of the US terror attacks and condemned "this horrible attack."

"We are donating our humble abilities to President Bush and to the American people, " Arafat said at Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

Arafat, one of hundreds of Palestinians who participated in the blood drive, smiled as doctors drew blood from his right arm.

As he emerged, about 200 Palestinians started chanting, "We are ready to give our soul and blood for you."

Asked if he had a message for the US people, Arafat said, "God bless you, God Bless you, God bless you."


BLOOD BROTHER: Yasser Arafat donates his blood to US victims
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 13, 2001
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