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Yankees vs. Royals rivalry.

I enjoyed very much the articles on rivalries in the May/June Baseball Digest. Being a Yankee fan in Connecticut, I am very familiar with rivalries. I would like to bring one up that also involved the Yankees. That was the one with the Kansas City Royals from the late 1970s into the 1980s.

This rivalry was every bit as intense as any mentioned in the May/June issue, albeit for a shorter period of time. George Brett's and Graig Nettles' genuine dislike for each other, bringing them to throw punches with very bad intentions, Hal McRae's rolling take-out of Willie Randolph, and who can forget Brett's homers off Rich Gossage--including the one in the Pine Tar Game?

The things that happened in those and other very intense games between these two great teams would have resulted in multiple suspensions and big fines if they were to happen now. I believe this rivalry belongs with the greatest of all time, not for its longevity but for its high-octane intensity.

The rivalry between the two clubs began in the 1970s, as you mention, when the two clubs faced each other in the American League Championship Series four times in five years (1976-1980).

Stafford Springs, CT

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Title Annotation:FANS SPEAK OUT; New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals
Author:Lanier, Mike
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Date:Sep 1, 2016
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