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Yamaha To Launch ``PianoCraft'' Micro-Component Series; New Series Promises Superb Sound Reproduction in a System Crafted to the Finish of a Fine Piano.

HAMAMATSU CITY, Shizuoka--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 1, 1999--

Yamaha Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments, is extending its micro-component stereo series by launching a new collection of components that includes an MD recorder.

The "PianoCraft" series offers superb sound reproduction in a receiver/amplifier, CD player, MD player, cassette deck and speakers that all measure a concise 217mm in frontal width. (Product availability differs by areas.)

To retail discretely and in combined-configuration sets, the series components feature a simple design with black trimming that evoke the image of a finely crafted piano and ensure that the micro-component system adds quiet sophistication to any interior decor.

The products

The MCR-E100 Basic System in the "PianoCraft" series comprises a receiver (combining amplifier and tuner), a CD player, and speakers. In a further outstanding feature of the series, as each component is available separately the other items--the MD system and cassette deck--can be added to the Basic System to allow any configuration that a user desires. The speakers (model NX-E100), MD recorder (MDX-E100), and cassette deck (KX-E100) will also be sold as discrete units.

The new "PianoCraft" series represents an extension of Yamaha's micro-component series that has been highly evaluated by home stereo enthusiasts for the way it combines varicolored functions with simple operation. Yamaha, a maker of high-quality musical instruments, chose the "PianoCraft" name to symbolize its commitment to presenting in the new series the same high-quality sound and meticulous craftsmanship for which its pianos are already renowned.

For the finest in sound, the "PianoCraft" series incorporates the same circuitry design used in top-of-the-line audio equipment and only those parts capable of delivering the best in tonal quality are used. The speaker cases for the NX-E100 units are polished to a beautiful luster reminiscent of a fine piano's finish, and a sophisticated yet simple design is evident in all system components.

Aside from the speakers, each component has inherited the characteristic silky gold aluminum finish of the ToP-ART series for their front panels. Each features simple design with black trimming on the left and right corners to elicit the image of a piano.

Marrying superb sound and polished finish with easy functionality, the system allows simultaneous recording from a CD to an MD and a cassette tape, its multi-synchro function making five types of synchronous recording from separate sources possible. Another convenient feature is the "single-hit recording function" that allows users to easily edit and assemble collections of hit songs. These and other functions render the overall system very user friendly. The MD and cassette deck give users the joy of recording and editing any way they wish.

These features make the "PianoCraft" the compact system for consumers who want a system that is easy and fun to use. Though clearly a product created with users in mind, the system also delivers sound quality and features that qualify it as a micro-component stereo set for serious audio aficionados as well.


1. A micro-component stereo system with a high interior decorative sense affording great freedom in installation

The "PianoCraft" is a 217mm frontal width micro-component stereo system comprising a receiver, CD player, MD recorder, and cassette deck that are discrete units. A great space-saver, the system allows users to freely choose different configurations. The design is fresh and simple with a high-quality feel set off by silky gold aluminum front panels. Black decorations on the right and left corners of the panels conjure images of a piano. Combined with the speaker cases and their beautiful, lustrous black finish usually seen on pianos, these stereo combinations project a distinctive ambiance of quality and harmonize with any interior decor.

2. High sound quality design mirrors that of high-end audio equipment

To achieve outstanding sound quality, each component has its own power source. The circuit design is the same as that used in top-of-the-line audio equipment and only parts capable of delivering high sound quality are used. Moreover, the discrete configuration of the CRX-E100's 60W+60W high-power amplifier unit ensures pure, high-quality sound reproduction. The AM/FM stereo tuner features 40 preset stations and the CD player has independent analog and digital circuits. Consistent with the priority given by Yamaha to achieving superb sound quality, the system is enhanced by an 8-times over-sampling digital filter that allows even further high-level noise reduction and contributes to the delivery of high-quality sound. A dedicated output terminal is also provided for separately connecting sub-woofers, enabling dynamic sound reproduction on par with that delivered by large systems.

In addition, the MDX-E100 MD recorder is designed with separate analog and digital circuits and is equipped with a 24-bit DSP with high computing capacity and the latest version ATRAC chip to maximize sound quality when recording to MDs. (ATRAC stands for adaptive transform-acoustic coding and is an MD recording format.)

3. Functions permit varicolored recording and editing

With linking the MDX-E100 MD recorder and the KX-E100 cassette deck in mind, Yamaha has fitted the "PianoCraft" with a multi-synchro recording function to provide a number of synchronous recording options. Five types of synchronous recording are possible. Besides recording from CDs to MDs and cassette tapes, users can record from CDs to MDs, from CDs to cassette tapes, from MDs to cassettes tapes, and from cassette tapes to MDs. These many recording and editing operations can be conducted easily. In addition, for users wishing to assemble their own collection of hit songs the MDX-E100 includes a convenient "single-hit recording" function that allows the continuous recording of only the first song on a CD. And for sources with differing recording levels, a "digital REC volume" function evens out any apparent irregularities when original MDs are being prepared.

4. An advanced system with outstanding functionality and operability

While each component has its own specifications, all items can be linked using system cables. A remote control also makes it possible to control the whole system from a distance.

(Features & Specifications)


AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Amplifier Section

-- High Power Output: 60 W + 60 W

-- High Dynamic Power and Low-Impedance Drive Capability

-- Linear Damping Circuit

Tuner Section

-- 40-Station Random Access Preset Tuning

-- Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight: 217 x 108 x 312mm/4.5 kg


CD Player

-- Slide Loading System

-- CD Text Display: Title, Artist and Message

-- Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight: 217 x 108 x 290mm/3.0 kg


2-Way Speaker System

-- 2-Way Bass-Reflex Design

-- 13cm Cone Woofer and 2.5cm Dome Tweeter

-- 50W Maximum Input Power

-- 6-ohm Impedance

-- Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight: 190 x 302 x 222mm/4.0 kg (unit)


Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck

-- Auto Reverse

-- Slide Loading System

-- Frequency Response (metal tape): 30--18,000 Hz +/-3 dB

-- Wow & Flutter (W RMS): 0.1%

-- Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight: 217 x 88 x 293mm/3.0 kg

-- Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight: 190 x 302 x 222mm/4.0 kg (unit)


MiniDisc Recorder

-- Versatile Edit Functions: Move, Erase, Divide, Combine and Undo

-- Digital Recording Level Control Capability

-- Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz

-- Sampling Rate Frequencies: 48 kHz, 32 kHz

-- Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight: 217 x 88 x 298mm; 3.0 kg
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