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Yamaha 242 Limited S.


To show you how far jet boats have evolved, this year at our Lake Lanier boat-test site we used the Yamaha 242 Limited S as our photo boat--something that would have been unthinkable in the past. To pass muster as a member of the floating paparazzi, a boat has to be stable when running and have enough deadrise at the stern to slice through the big-lake chop rather than skip across the top like a flat rock. With 20 degrees of deadrise and a substantial 3,298-pound heft, the 242 met the challenge.

Of course, this boat's mission doesn't have anything to do with work, unless you count extreme watersports, which the 242 can handle, with its tall, forward-swept tower and speed control for the driver to create a perfect tow. Passenger comfort is paramount, and Yamaha was one of the first to provide transom seating, ideal while at anchor or at a raft-up. Sometimes, transom seats are afterthoughts, but the twin rear loungers on the 242 Limited S are real seats, designed for prolonged use. Completing the out-back party is a swiveling side-mount table and speakers with a transom stereo remote, plus a key fob controller you can use while floating behind on a raft. The swim platform has a soft, easy-to-grip Hydro-Turf surface, and it sits very low to the water, since the jet drives don't have to be tilted up like sterndrives.

The comfortable bow recliners can be configured with filler cushions to provide three-abreast lounging. By simply removing a couple of cushions at the beamy bow, you create"rumble seats," which give bow riders a thrilling front-of-the-rollercoaster, feet-on-the-deck experience. The cockpit is encircled by comfortable seating that includes a multiposition port-side lounger. And guests will be pleasantly surprised to find this is a jet boat with a head compartment that even adults can use.

The Yamaha 242 Limited S derives its exceptional performance from twin 1.8L four-cylinder engines that are powerful yet compact to maximize passenger room. We got on plane in 2.9 seconds with scant bowrise and reached 30 mph in 4.2 seconds. Speed topped out at 51.9 mph. Although this is a 23-and-a-half-footer, we whipped it around in impossibly tight turns after warning passengers to hold on and "watch this!"--AJ


LOA                 23 ft., 6 in.
BEAM                8 ft., 6 in.
CAPACITY            11 people/1,799 lbs.
DRY WEIGHT          3,298 lbs.
FUEL CAPACITY       50.2 gals.
MAXIMUM HP          N/A
DEADRISE            20 degrees


                              MPH       RPM       DBA

PEAK                         51.9      7700        99
CRUISE                       31.8      5500        93
TIME TO PLANE                               2.9 secs.
0-30 MPH                                    4.2 secs.


Twin Yamaha 1.8L four-cylinder jet drive      $48,999

Circle 62 on reader service card, page 33

3 FAVORITE STANDARDS: Trailer, Cruise Assist w/ no-wake
mode, 6-speaker Aquatic A/V stereo w/ iPod dock

3 FAVORITE OPTIONS: Aftermarket options recommended:
Porta Potti and board racks
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Author:Jones, Allan
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Date:Jan 1, 2011
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