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Yale Robbins releases Computrak Sales Report.

Residential real estate brokers and others who derive their livelihood from the sale of Manhattan condominium apartments will be delighted by the availability of data in the Yale Robbins, Inc. Computrak Sales Report.

Over 35,000 entries, cataloging every open market Manhattan condominium sale for the past ten years has been stored in the firm's vast computer database and is available on a customized basis to users - generally in less than 24 hours.

Reports are provided on a building-by-building basis and include (for individual units) selling price and date, number of square feet, number of rooms and dollars-per-square-foot, and (for the building) total number of units and total number of rooms. A building summary is also included.

The Computrak reports are particularly helpful in tracking average sales prices per square foot or examining sales above a dollar or per-square-foot threshold in individual buildings. Each report can be customized to meet specific information requirements - be they tracking sales by building age, room count or unit selling price.

Yale Robbins, Inc. also publishes a variety of useful and highly targeted reference materials for the residential real estate market, including:

Co-op/Condo Directories: An annual publication in four editions, The Co-Op/Condo Directory supplies up-to-date information on the managing agents and board presidents (with phone numbers and addresses) for approximately 3,300 buildings in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx.

Targeted and Tailored Residential Mailing Lists: Much of the resource information and data found in the Yale Robbins directories and guides is available on disk or pre-printed pressure sensitive labels to support mail-merge and direct mail programs.

The Condo Sales Report: Ideal for real estate professionals and decision makers, this monthly newsletter reviews hundreds of transactions, providing selling prices, dates, dollars per square foot and per room, square footages and floor plans for each. The cumulative data are supplemented by charts and graphs with summaries of market highs and lows.

Residential Construction: A Market Survey (Manhattan and Metro Area): Since 1977 this publication has been the only comprehensive source for high-rise apartment prices and rental values for both new construction and renovations. In 1989 the guide was expanded to include the remaining four New York City boroughs, Westchester County, Long Island and nearby New Jersey.

Large Scale Zoning Map of Manhattan: Updated and revised for 1995, this handsome, easy-to-read map provides an overview of the entire borough at a glance. Special districts, including mixed-use districts, are color coded to eliminate confusion.

For further information on any of the Yale Robbins publications contact Sonny Malhotra at (212) 683-5700.
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Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Oct 25, 1995
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