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Yakult sensation.


Busy days plagued with processed foods and an irregular diet can often wreak havoc on the digestive system. Brimming with about eight billion probiotics (the "friendly" bacteria), Yakult is gaining greater popularity by the day as a leading probiotics source.

Probiotics can balance the digestive system by providing valuable active bacteria and suppressing harmful bacteria, improving digestion and the body's health overall. Two of the specific conditions that can be alleviated with probiotics are heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.

While Yakult has been available in the United States for just a few years, it was actually developed in 1930 by Japanese microbiologist Dr. Minoru Shirota, who sought to provide a product possessing the health benefits of probiotics. Today, it is used by some 25 million people worldwide every day.

The dairy drink has a flavor that is a mix of citrus and milk (think Creamsicle). 2.7 fl. oz. per bottle. Available at most grocery stores.

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