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Covering foreign correspondents: two recent deaths in Syria add to the already substantial toll of journalists killed in 2011 in the line of duty. Apr 1, 2012 1371
Insuring a post-NFL career: the hits are softer in the agency business, and career longevity carries agency owners deep into the retirement end zone. Apr 1, 2012 2132
Food recall worries: new regulation could force a spike in product recall coverage premiums. Apr 1, 2012 2085
Is a modern day Noah's ark possible? Keeping people safe in times of catastrophe or danger is an art as well as a potentially attractive business venture. Mar 1, 2012 484
Taking control of claims: occupational health nurse used a variety of measures, including teamwork and collaboration, to upgrade claims management at Big Lots on-site clinics. Dec 1, 2011 1528
Tumultuous Middle East heightens political risks: for risk managers with assets in the Middle East, another challenge is the complexity of insurance options to consider. Reprint Oct 1, 2011 386
Driving into risk management: Mary Harrington, Subaru of America's director of risk management, found her calling early and never veered. Oct 1, 2011 1404
On the go and in one go with iPads: consultants leap into 3G technology and turn around site surveys in record time. Sep 15, 2011 754
Katersky assumes responsibility: risk manager helps BJ's wholesale club take control of its claims. Sep 15, 2011 715
Ponder the differences: coverage terms of priceless treasures take very different turns depending on which side of the pond they reside. Sep 15, 2011 1867
Chasing insurance for tornado tours: storm chasers now allow customers to join them on their tornado tracking but not without first buying coverage. Reprint Jul 1, 2011 482
La Vida Vitale: insurance builder embarks on a spin with Aspen: Vitale goes from broker to a global underwriter to a specialist underwriter. Reprint Jun 1, 2011 795
Rethinking media liability: a sea-change is under way in the way that companies are covering their communications exposures. Jun 1, 2011 1738
A tale of misfortune turned around: turned down from a police job, David J. Bidmead re-emerges, nearly 30 years later, at the highest levels of the insurance broker Marsh. Reprint Apr 1, 2011 884
Broadway tangled up: audiences demand that actors and productions push further into the realm of a "circus event," ratcheting up expectations and dangers. Today's poster child' Spider-Man on Broadway. Reprint Feb 1, 2011 812
Midsize brokers chasing scale: organic growth will not be enough to sustain midsize brokers through 2011, forcing them to look for growth in other areas. Feb 1, 2011 1693
Sculpting a delicate balance: as U.S. and European museums consider how best to approach their loss-prevention strategies, experts counsel a mix of guards and electronic surveillance as the best answer. Oct 15, 2010 1312
Solving the puzzle: HD Supply's Melanie Stanisic pieces together a claims and managed care program. Sep 15, 2010 611
A hazard analyst digs in: a project risk assessment program provides a simple and practical approach to identifying and controlling organizational risks. Sep 15, 2010 689
Breaking down the barriers of parochialism: former Ernst & Young manager brings consistency to the global actuarial profession. Sep 15, 2010 669
Giving diligence its due: Nancy Lerach of Wells Fargo pulls off the integration of the workers' comp and safety programs of two financial services giants. Sep 15, 2010 626
An offering for adjusters in the real world: data points trump text boxes for e-Triage, and the processing of disability claims. Sep 15, 2010 556
The Roswell Environment: two imaginative insurance executives think of new ways to cover hazardous materials transporters. Sep 15, 2010 603
The IDEAL model and the model IDEAL: Marsh's Ben Fidlow develops a tool to help risk managers evaluate one D&O policy from another. Sep 15, 2010 586
A new training direction: engineers stand aside! It's time for a little course correction from an English major. Sep 15, 2010 671
A window reopens for trade credit insurers: with banks still tight on their lending, trade credit carriers see renewed opportunities to make gains in the U.S. market. May 1, 2010 1303
Nimble brokerage firms crack the inner circle: a host of new firms, veterans of the commercial insurance broker trade, crack the Power Broker[TM] winners circle for the first time and buck this past recession's "hunker down" mentality. Company overview Feb 1, 2010 2067
BJC knows physicians. Nov 1, 2009 171
Revamp champs: Pat Venditti and Nancy Gemeinhart survey BJC's vast healthcare plain and revamp the provider network's workers' comp and disability program. Nov 1, 2009 1797
Fostering POETs in a poultry factory: solving a decades-old problem in the poultry industry that often disabled workers with a unique testing program. Sep 15, 2009 816
Risk manager for the people: laughter and creativity guide Volkswagen's risk manager, who knows how to bring risk management to those around him. Sep 15, 2009 727
A one-man rescue squad: Norwood Promotional Products had almost given up on its employee benefit and safety programs ... until Robert Keller stepped into the picture. Sep 15, 2009 638
Kissing excess TPAS good-bye: Megan Marshall has a plan: speak softly, carry a big stick and send redundant third-party administrators packing. Sep 15, 2009 655
Taking control: Intl. Paper switches to an owner-controlled insurance program, with impressive results. Sep 15, 2009 439
Google's first risk manager: here, there and everywhere. Kelly Crowder, Google Inc.'s risk manager, brings discipline and breadth to a precedent-setting enterprise that is rewriting the rules of liability risk. Cover story Jul 1, 2009 3127
Nailing down partial interests: what happens to insurance coverage when developers fail to complete commercial and residential construction projects and insurance carriers don't want anything to do with the risk? Jul 1, 2009 2327
Mayo's many healthy returns: through its various programs, the Mayo Clinic's return to work section realized an $840,000 cost savings to the clinic in 2007. Nov 1, 2008 676
Battening down the hatches: Oregon-based maker of doors and windows seals its hiring practices with integrity tests. Nov 1, 2008 615
Beyond Saffir-Simpson: trading hurricane futures on the CHI-Town Mercantile Exchange. Sep 15, 2008 897
Swiss Re's Tom Skwarek clocks industry with a new idea: just-in-time capital: up to $500-million in new, regulatory capital can be triggered in the event of a major catastrophe. Sep 15, 2008 933
The X-V files: a forensic look at B.I. value: finding the "pinch points" in supply chain risk. Sep 15, 2008 813
Doing away with "named location" risk on environmental policies: executive pushes for holistic coverage of environmental risk at financial institutions with a little help from Aon and AIG. Sep 15, 2008 361
Visual clusters of risk: risk management professor and former Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc. director builds an enterprise risk knowledge warehouse. Sep 15, 2008 765
Mainframe of mind: teasing workers' comp injury data out of SEPTA's mainframe helped managers curb accidents. Sep 15, 2008 644
An eye for managing risk on the road: a small camera lets drivers see how they're doing, and results can be used in court to defend them. Sep 15, 2008 764
Working all sides of the aisle: Bill Zachry is hitting his stride as vice president of risk management at Safeway Inc. while also cranking up the pace of workers' comp reform for the entire state of California. Physicians, claimants and anyone else committing fraud or mischief, look out. Cover story Sep 1, 2008 3563
Talent, technology, action! DeWitt Stern Group has taken a cache of entertainment business talent wrested away from Marsh and Aon and run with it. Feb 1, 2008 1330
A new stage at stern: Aon's top entertainment broker finds role of a lifetime at DeWitt Stern Group. Dec 1, 2007 200
Bolting from risk, then running with it: an asthmatic New York City high-school student flees the collapsing World Trade Center towers, and then fights for insurance coverage before her illness is classified as a pre-existing condition. Oct 1, 2007 1879
13 days that shook their world: a team of rescue and recovery workers help with the aftermath of Sept, 11, but pay a steep price in terms of their health and out-of-pocket expenses. Sep 1, 2007 2131
Securing the chain: art title insurance offers buyers of artworks coverage for the chain of title and lien risks inherent in art as a form of property. Dec 1, 2006 2194
The prodigy: Arthur B. Kordus is a renaissance man, and a risk manager--full of professional dedication and determination but a lover of close family, thoughtful diversion and uplifting art. Where does he find enough hours in the day? Cover story Sep 15, 2006 3318
A key man's imprint: Michel Rodrigue, the risk point man for the acquisitive Canadian commercial printer, Transcontinental Inc., is responsible for integrating risk management across a vast printing empire. Cover story Apr 1, 2006 2024
Printing pressed from all sides: globalization may leave some printing business executives in a cold sweat. But companies with a clear vision, and a strong risk manager to oversee its deployment, see the risks as opportunities. Company overview Apr 1, 2006 3964
Barrels cocked for Hiscox: U.K. underwriter hires veterans to develop the professional indemnity marketplace among midsize and smaller companies in the United States. Sep 1, 2005 737
Small broker reels in a big catch: a team of key brokers have jumped ship to DeWitt Stern in the wake of the troubles at Marsh. Jun 1, 2005 811
Securing the holy see: cardinals, bishops and priests, with the help of civilian and military authorities, pull off the largest crowd-control act in the history of Vatican City, assuring the safety of millions of pilgrims and the peaceful succession of John Paul II. Cover Story May 1, 2005 1884
Seduced by Stardom. Apr 15, 2005 2325
Insuring the flesh. Apr 15, 2005 1514
An upstart steals the show: how did ASU International's new film venture outfox Hollywood underwriting giant Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. and steal an account worth millions? The right people, the right paper--and some exceptionally good timing. Apr 15, 2005 1112
Dodging the crossfire: as media platforms expand in scope and complexity, so do the new challenges falling on the shoulders of risk executives in the entertainment industry. Exposure to errors and omissions liability is high, and getting higher. Fortunately, E&O products are changing with the times. Apr 15, 2005 828
Oops, insurance carriers did it again: eight carriers get a taste of pop tart Britney Spears who is suing them because they rejected a claim in excess of $9.8 million she filed after injuring her knee during a video shoot during her "Onyx Hotel Tour." It was the second time she had been issued a policy despite a widely publicized prior injury. Cover Story Apr 15, 2005 902
Bright lights, big risks: for hot entertainers and other types of celebrities, media exposure is desirable, but other kinds of exposure are not. Hence the need for a unique breed of financial "bodyguard"--agents who tend to the specialized financial and insurance needs of the stars, both business and personal. Apr 15, 2005 1373
Marsh and regulators expected to settle by February: bargaining points include bid-rigging, restitution and punitive damages. Jan 1, 2005 211
Running man. Cover Story Jan 1, 2005 2376
Small brokers scared of getting whacked: mom-and-pop shops fear large carriers will use the Spitzer investigation to scrimp on commissions and raise service charges. Jan 1, 2005 738
Outlook 2005: look out! may Mother Nature spin her wheels in neutral this year, and stay out of the business of inflicting catastrophic damage on the property-and-casualty industry. Regulators and the risk management industry have enough on their plate already, as they must contend with one another. Jan 1, 2005 1094
Protecting the homeland: AIG unit does its part with the launch of a new terrorism risk product. Dec 1, 2004 508
Modern masters of fine art risk. Cover Story Nov 1, 2004 5002

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