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Yadea Manufactures the World's Fastest Motorcycle in Joint Hands with Lightning.

HONG KONG, Oct 10, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - Yadea Group Holdings Ltd. ("Yadea" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group", stock code:1585.HK), the leading electric two-wheeled vehicle brand in China, and Lightning Motors Corporation ("Lightning") from the U.S. make their debut at the 1st FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix ("FE"). As the most eye-catching racing feast of the year, the two-day FE which kicks off on the Central Harbourfront on Oct. 08 is the biggest motorsport event ever held in Hong Kong. As the only electric two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer invited to participate by FE in the world, Yadea has announced that it has acquired shares of Lightning Motors and they will cooperate closely with each other in fields like product R&D, technology innovation, developing global clients, ect., jointly developing and promoting the fastest motorcycle in the world.

FE: Top Event of Electric Vehicles in the World

As the most eye-catching racing feast, in addition to motor racing, the organizer specially throws an eVillage carnival at Lung Wo Road, which includes Electric Vehicle car displays, mini-stages, children's zones, a wide variety of game booths, etc., in an endeavor to turn the event into a grand festival of the year integrated with energy, environment and entertainment.

It is reported that FE is the emerging event under FIA. F1 is the highest achievement representative as well as the testing site of the newest technology of auto industry. Accordingly, FE is the testing site of cutting-edge technology of electric vehicles. This event which dates back to 2014 has had its presence in many metropolises' roads in the world. Although only held for three years, FE is attractive enough to involve BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Renault, Citroen and so on to participate actively.

FE is extremely strict with competition rules: It should be 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km / h, maximum speed should be 220-250km/h, noise level when driving is 80 decibel which derives from the high-speed operation of straight gearbox, only a little higher than normal vehicle's 70 decibel.

Adhere to the core value of energy, environment protection and entertainment, FE is committed to create a greener future while making every contestant to experience the world-class event. Due to its feature of environmentally friendly and passion, FE has received huge attention and its influence is likely to overwhelm F1, attracting the eyes of fans around the world. For electric vehicle manufacturers, FE is of great significance; it can calculate relative data when vehicles are under extreme circumstance to help accelerate the R&D process and test the performance of every cutting-edge technology under extreme conditions and adopt it in the R&D of new product.

Lightning: Most technologically advanced electric motorcycle company in the world

As the representative of the most technologically advanced electric motorcycle company in the world, Lightning Motors Corporation is the brainchild of Richard Hatfield and the result of combing his passion for motorcycles with his commitment to the environment.

In 1995, Mr. Hatfield was invited to be the driver for an electric Porsche race team dedicated to winning a national electric vehicle road race championship. As a lifelong motorcyclist Richard believed that the lighter weight and of 2-wheel vehicles was better suited to the energy density of batteries. This was the beginning of Lightning Motors Corp and began Richard's quest to achieve parity with ICE motorcycles. To achieve his goal, he innovated and developed electric motorcycle manufacturing technology constantly.

In 2006, Lightning built the first Lithium Sport Bike in the world; in 2007, Lightning won the championship and broke a long-standing record of land speed by new developed prototype super electric bike. In 2011, Lightning broke its own land speed record and grew into an company whose electric motorcycle speed exceeded 200 miles; in 2012, Lightning developed the first solar powered superbike, in 2013 Lightning made history by winning against the world best gasoline racing motorcycles with a speed of 218 miles/h (352km/h), a record no one breaks so far.

Adopting its long-established design style, the dominant tone of Yadea's booth is grey that manifests a sense of sedateness and elegance while revealing its high-end brand image. The modern design and powerful features easily catched the audience's eyeballs and attracted a great number of visitors. The stunning design of Z3 and LS-218 made them popular selfie backdrops during this bustling and exciting event.

Yadea manufactures the world's fastest motorcycle in joint hands with Lightning

As the leader in China's two wheeled vehicle industry, Yadea devotes to developing core technology such as motor and power system. Meanwhile, Yadea also acquires shares of Lightning. The two parties signed strategic cooperation agreement to share advanced technology, developing and manufacturing high-end products and developing international clients jointly. Maybe in the near future, the fastest Yadea electric vehicle will make its presence in China.

Through cooperating with the world's top enterprises like Lightning, Yadea constantly improve the quality of electric vehicles, improve the riding experience of consumers and manufacture the products that bring happiness to consumers.

The international road of Yadea

The year 2016 witnesses Yadea's internalization. On Aug. 26, Yadea's new smart electric vehicle Yadea Z3 launched globally. It announces strategic cooperation with Lightning to develop and promote the fastest two-wheeled electric vehicle in the world. Yadea's strategic action may trigger the technology innovation trend in China's electric two-wheeled vehicle industry to pay more attention to the innovation and adoption of core technology, thus lead the whole industry to high end and globe.

Mr. DONG Jinggui, Chairman and Executive Director of Yadea, said, "As the leading brand in China's electric vehicle industry, Yadea upholds the production concept of environment protection and low carbon, and advocates green riding. The company is always committed to improve product quality and foster innovation as well as enhancing and promoting the development of China's electric vehicle industry. Building on the high-end brand strategy and position, Yadea has established strategic cooperation with Lighting Motors, Swarovski, Giovannoni Design SRL of Italy, AMV Design, Boxer, etc. in recent years. Meanwhile, we also attempt to further expand the global market while consolidating our domestic market position. In May this year, Yadea officially entered the capital market of Hong Kong by listing on the Main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Taking part in Hong Kong ePrix is another step in implementing our international strategy, which plays a significant role in promoting the brand image of Yadea. Looking forward, we will continue to maintain our leading industry position, manufacture products that bring happiness to customers, deliver innovation continuously and bring China's local electric vehicle brands abroad and onto the international arena."

About Yadea Group Holdings Ltd.

Yadea Group Holdings Ltd. is a leading electric two-wheeled vehicle brand in China, focusing on designing, researching, developing, manufacturing and selling electric two-wheeled vehicles. The Group has adopted a high-end positioning strategy in establishing its premium brand. Yadea's main products are electric two-wheeled vehicles, which include electric scooters and electric bicycles. The Group also sells batteries and chargers for the electric two-wheeled vehicles as well as certain other electric two-wheeled vehicle parts. Yadea is the most profitable company among the leading players in the electric two-wheeled vehicle market in China in terms of net profit, and accounted for 24.0% of the net profit in the overall market in 2015. Yadea's market shares were 10.5% and 24.0% of the Chinese electric two-wheeled vehicle market in 2015 in terms of revenue and net profit respectively, both ranking first. Its market shares were 11.2% and 9.2% in terms of revenue from electric scooters and electric bicycles, ranking first and second respectively. Yadea sells its products through its nationwide sales and distribution network in China, which consisted of 1,742 distributors as well as their sub-distributors as of June 30, 2016. Yadea also has an extensive international customer base, with sales to customers in over 50 countries. Yadea has been named the first of the Top 10 Electric Two-wheeled Vehicle Enterprises of China's Light Industry by the Chinese National Light Industry Council each year since 2009. Besides, Yadea is the only company selected to represent the entire electric two-wheeled vehicle industry in drafting the national standards relating to the Internet of Things electric two-wheeled vehicles application platform technology and also the only company in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry to be awarded the financial subsidy for energy-efficient motors from the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China for the development of energy efficient motors. Yadea listed on the Main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 19 May 2016, stock code: 1585.HK.

About Yadea Z3

Yadea Z3 is the newly launched smart electric two-wheeled vehicle in 2016 and was sold globally on Aug. 26. With domestic price RMB 8588 while overseas price USD 3388, Yadea has become the representative product of China's smart electric two-wheeled vehicles.

In terms of hardware, Yadea Z3 adopts a sophisticated carbon alloy frame, motorcycle ergonomics design, inverted damping system (with a vibration test running for 4 million times) and rear air shock absorbers, military-grade run-flat tires and automotive paint technology.

In terms of power, Yadea Z3 is officially authorized and powered by Panasonic power lithium battery, the same with Tesla. With a weight of only 9.6 kilograms, the Z3 battery can be easy to be disassembled and has anti-theft feature. It can also be quickly charged within 2 hours and last for 75 miles.

In terms of being smart, Yadea Z3 for the first time achieved intelligent control by mobile application such as start with one touch, selflock, selfscan 60+ core components, autosense lights, lights with 16,780,000 colors, call alert, riding record, and so on. Yadea Z3 makes history by adopting GPS+BeiDou Navigation Satellite System to share real-time location, realizing autoalert when vehicle is moved abnormally, and locating to the nearby Yadea aftersales stores.

About Lightning Motors Corporation

Lightning Motorcycle Corp. is an electric motorcycle manufacturer founded in 2008 in San Carlos, California, the U.S. The company focuses on designing and developing the best electric vehicle technology and delivering unrivaled products to consumers. Lightning utilizes FEA and extensive carbon fiber in design to optimize lightweight components without compromising strength. Lightning developed advanced in-house capability to create and build carbon components that enable it to produce high quality parts and the agility to evolve improvements quickly for the market. After years of development and research, Yadea and Lightning successfully produced the LS-218 Electric SuperBike which is the fastest electric motorcycle in the world with a speed of 352 km/h, faster than most engine racing motorcycles. The power of LS-218 can reach 150 kilowatt with a continued mileage of 161-290 km (corresponding to different battery packs) and can be fully charged within 30 mins.

Source: Yadea Group Holdings Ltd.

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